1 Day Family-Friendly Itinerary

If your family loves nature, dinosaurs and the idea of visiting 2 countries in 1 day, this is the itinerary for you. Happy travels!
23 March 2022

This article was originally published in our 2021/22 Education & Family Guide with the cooperation of TravelmatKanner.


For Whom?

  • Families with small children (strollers not suitable in some parts), babies in baby carriers), parents/grandparents, dogs.


  • Preferably spring & summer but autumn and winter can still be enjoyable. However, some attractions may be closed so we recommend checking before starting your journey. Ideally start this journey between 9-10am in order to have enough time to complete the full itinerary.


STOP 1: Echternach Lake

A beautiful lake with many hiking trails, forests and playgrounds. There are paved paths to walk, bike, scoot or skate. And even if swimming is not allowed you can always try the pedal boats or even fishing (you will need a permit). Take the kids for a nice stroll. There are plenty of places to stop and take family photos, play games or bbq. If the weather is right, it’s easy to spend an entire day enjoying the lake. If you still want to move on, then follow our itinerary into Germany! We always opt for more adventure…plus you can always come back to the lake another day as we’re sure it will become one of your favourite spots to spend quality time with the family in Luxembourg.

STOP 2: Irrel Waterfalls, Germany

Cross the bridge from Echternach to Germany and drive direction Irrel to visit the Waterfalls. I don’t know about your family, but our family loves water and we were super excited to start walking towards the waterfall from the parking area. The children will be fascinated as you will walk through a beautiful forest and eventually you will cross a wooden bridge to reach the waterfall. Take a pause, admire the nature, listen to the birds, show the kids the variety of greenery you see, but above all close your eyes and listen to the running water. When we visited for the first time it was late spring and the weather was simply beautiful so we stayed some time by the waterfall to talk, laugh and dream. We ate a bit of chocolate too…always a good idea!

STOP 3: The Dinosaur Park at Teufelsschlucht

This next stop is a 10 minute drive from the waterfalls. An absolute hit with the children- especially if they love dinosaurs. Life-sized dinosaurs are spread over a nice wooded area with explanations about the dinosaurs: the different types, the era they lived in and their way of life. There is also a nice playground and covered sand pit where the kids can dig for fossils. There are additional activities are offered by the park’s staff for the kids. You will definitely want to visit more than once as the park often organises thematic events and sometimes even evening family-friendly events. How cool is that?

Don’t forget to have a look at the little shop of the park before leaving as there nice educational books and toys for the kids to learn more about the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

STOP 4: Teufelsschlucht Visitors Centre and Natural Park

And if you still have time, and you aren’t tired (of course, the children won’t be or at least they won’t admit it) we suggest continuing your visit to the Teufelsschlucht Visitor’s Centre which is just a few meters walk from the dinosaur park. You will see the building which surprisingly enough has some really nice exhibits depicting the fauna and flora of the area. You can also enjoy hiking in the forest area, if you’re looking for an alternative last activity!

Finally, it’s time to head back home to Luxembourg with your hopefully exhausted little ones, new knowledge and experiences that the whole family will remember forever.

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