Family Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

It can be so comfortable to stay at home under a cosy blanket. But we hope this list inspires you to get outdoors and enjoy winter!
02 January 2023

Getting outside has been proven through so many studies to have incredible benefits for our physical & mental health. Even if the days are short & Netflix is calling – we challenge you to get outside this winter to enjoy a bit of wholesome, family fun!

1. Paint on the Snow

If Luxembourg is treated to a blanket of snow this winter, a great family activity is painting in the snow! All you need is food colouring and a few spray bottles. Try to use primary colours like red, blue & yellow so then you can make as many colourful combinations as your heart desires! This is a great activity that can keep kids occupied for hours – painting, writing or even making a rainbow snowman!

2. Go Plogging

This Swedish fitness sensation comes from word “plocka” which means “to pick” and “jogging” and it’s actually a great little work out while you’re doing a good deed for your community. When you are plogging, you’re jogging and picking up litter at the same time. We love this because not only are you feeling the burn, you’re also getting your kids involved, showing them some ways to care for the planet!

3. Take Pictures in Nature

Wrap up warm & embrace the winter weather! This season often creates some of the most beautiful pictures. Here in Luxembourg, we’re blessed to have so many forests right on our doorstep. Take advantage of this winter wonderland and snap a few shots that will either become your next Instagram post or just a great memory!

4. Stargazing

Stargazing is a great activity for the whole family! It’s educational, relaxing – and most importantly calming (great for those little ones with endless energy!). Grab some binoculars or telescopes and gaze at the wonders of the world. Or, try out The Sky Live, an interactive online planetarium to see the sky map of Luxembourg. Another great idea is to download the app Star Chart onto your device. With the app, simply point on the sky and it will show you those gorgeous twinkling stars!

5. Blowing Frozen Bubbles

Experience science in the outdoors with freezing bubbles! You can make your own bubble solution with ingredients that you have at home. You will need a 1/2 cup dish soap, 1 and 1/2 cups of cold water and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Put it all together and gently stir the mixture. Then you just need to find a straw to blow your bubbles and you have everything for your experiment. The bubbles will form crystals, freeze and then collapse into shimmering fragments. Don’t forget to take pictures of your frozen art!

6. Winter Barbecue

What about a non-traditional cosy version of a summer barbecue? Why be limited to enjoy delicious barbecued food and those precious, memorable family memories? If you already got a grill then nothing is easier than just enjoy a good barbecue party with your favourite burgers, sausages, salads and vegetables.

7. Make a Bird Feeder at Home and Go Bird Watching

This is an amazing combination of an indoor and an outdoor activity for the whole family. Nature offers endless inspiration for activities that we can entertain ourselves with. Winter is a perfect and quiet time to connect with nature and observe the wildlife around us. If you are looking for a crafty activity that you can do with your children, you can make your own homemade bird feeder. Do a good-old-google search to find out an easy step by step method, then you’re all set! We can observe 185 species of birds in Luxembourg (you can find a complete list on Birds of Europe).

8. Go on a Lantern Evening Walk

Spruce up your evening walk by creating your own homemade lanterns! It’s such a fun activity and you can use a lot of things you have at home. You can decorate them with watercolours, glitters, wrapping paper or basically whatever you can find around the house. To make this activity safe for kids, use a battery tea light or even fairy lights!

9. Jump in Muddy Puddles

In Luxembourg it’s not often we get to play in the snow during the winter, but we for sure have enough rain for the best kids activity – puddle jumping! We know it’s pretty basic but it’s free, fun & guaranteed to put a smile on your kid’s face.