12th Annual Buttek Campaign

Delhaize, Caritas Luxembourg, and the Luxembourg Red Cross are hosting their 12th annual Buttek campaign to help alleviate poverty in the country and bring attention to the issue.
19 November 2021

The Buttek campaign will raise donations and awareness in multiple Delhaize stores throughout the country. Cédric Gonnet, the Country Director of Delhaize Luxembourg, states, “We are counting on the generosity of customers to support people in precarious situations in Luxembourg.” 

If you are unaware about the local poverty issue, the highest risk households are those with children and more, those households with single-parent families, members of these households are 2 or 3 times more likely to fall under the poverty line. This statistic shocked us here at City Savvy, and it touched the hearts of the three organizations who developed this campaign 12 years ago. 

The funds raised through the Buttek campaign will be converted into foodstuffs by Delhaize, and distributed at various social grocery stores managed by the Red Cross and Caritas. Social grocery stores such as “Caritas Buttek” and “Croix-Rouge Buttek” were created in 2009 to help families affected by poverty, These stores were created in collaboration with the Luxembourg Ministry of Family and Integration. 

As of today, there is a network of 12 social grocery stores across the country. Individuals affected by poverty can obtain food, fresh products, and even hygienic products at one third of the regular market price. For a complete list of the social grocery stores, visit these websites: www.buttek.luwww.caritas.lu, and www.croix-rouge.lu which all publish an updated list. 

Delhaize doesn’t just want to help alleviate the burdens of poverty, since 2016 Delhaize has stepped up to fight against food waste. 14 of their stores here in Luxembourg now redistribute their unsold food, the food is donated to Caritas Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Red Cross, strengthening the partnership between the three organizations.


How Can YOU Participate?

If you visit Delhaize anytime before December 8, you should receive a flyer when you go through the checkout process. On this flyer you will find 4 vouchers, each with a different contribution option. You can choose to donate; a breakfast worth €2, a lunch worth €5, a dinner worth €10, or a family meal totaling €15. The voucher system has proven to be useful and effective, last year the Buttek campaign raised €45,000.

Another way to participate that benefits you and the social grocery stores is by buying soup from Delhaize. From December 2 to the 28th, €1 will be donated to social grocery stores with each purchase of a soup. This amount is just enough to help support, manage, and take care of the stores during the holiday season.