201 Adventures in Luxembourg

Are you trying to disconnect from a stressful daily life or simply trying to discover the beauty of nature in Luxembourg? We have the right guides for you.
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11 July 2021

Luxembourg is known for having an incredible amount of walking and cycling paths and mountain bike routes all over the country. Although Luxembourg is a small country, it offers lots of variety in natural sites. On your adventure, you will wander through mesmerizing forests, pass interesting rock formations and visit small villages that you have probably never heard about.

Discovering Luxembourg on foot has never been easier!

During the early 1930s, the Ministry of Tourism created a significant network of national footpaths to link the country’s main tourist centers. Since then, the network has significantly been extended. Youth hostels associations have created additional paths and the Ministry of Tourism as well as their local tourism boards maintain the walkways.

With the “Guide Auto-Pédestre Luxembourg – 201 Circular walks,” published by Editions Guy Binsfeld, you will find a total of 1,708,6 km of hiking paths organized according to regions, locality names and distances. The guide is trilingual (GER/FR/EN) and simplifies the choice of the route that fits what you are looking for. You could, for instance, choose an easier, shorter path and combine it with a small-town visit or go for a longer, more intense hiking adventure.

The best part: all circular walks are signposted with a blue triangle on a white background which makes it almost impossible to get lost.

Editions Guy Binsfeld also publishes guides that help you find the perfect cycling or mountain bike tour. The guide “Train, walk, cycle Luxembourg – 71 walking and cycling tours from station to station” suggests paths that connect you to the CFL network. That way, you can easily hop off at the station of your choice, bike to a different station and take advantage of free public transportation to head back home.

An alternative to the physical guidebooks is the website www.visitluxembourg.com. Many of the trails in the book are also available on the website for free. You can even download an app on which you can follow the path digitally. While that is a great tool in case you do get lost, in my opinion, I prefer the adventure of spending time in a disconnected environment. Furthermore, I love that the book with its maps and beautiful pictures invites you to hike tours that you would never have chosen on your own.

Either way, get excited for new adventures!

Insider tip: If you are living in Luxembourg city, don’t be afraid to head up North! You will be amazed how beautiful Luxembourg’s “Éisleck” is.

Where are your favourite paths to hike in Luxembourg?