5 Tips for a Worry-Free Holiday!

Holiday season is upon us, but it doesn’t take much for an unexpected event to ruin your vacation!
13 July 2023

Illness, accident, theft… You are naturally optimistic, which is a good thing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions. It doesn’t take much for an unexpected event to ruin your vacation! By being prepared at a minimum you can avoid problems when travelling. Here are some recommendations that could save the day.

Make copies of your documents 

A wallet lost at the airport, a stolen handbag, you can’t find your travel documents? No, it’s not something that just happens to others… Think ahead and make copies of your most important documents. A simple photocopy or photo of your passport and your travel documents is sufficient. But make sure to keep them separate from the originals. You can also save them all in your mobile phone, e-mail or in cloud storage.

Note down important numbers

In the event of an accident, you will be happy to have taken the time to note down your insurance policy numbers in a notebook or in your mobile phone. Has your bank card has been lost or stolen? Think about calling your bank immediately.

Ask for your European Health Insurance Card

Have you caught turista? Sunstroke? A toothache? Injuries, whether big or little, sometimes require medical attention. In Europe, you will need to show your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which you can obtain from your complementary health insurance company. You can request it online from the CNS website. It takes 14 days to receive it, so make sure to ask for it ahead of time! In the event of emergency, you can ask your national health insurance fund for a temporary certificate.

Have your hospital insurance on hand

Fallen off your bike? A head-on collision with a sheep? If you need to be hospitalized(€), this insurance also covers your costs abroad, exactly like in Luxembourg. If you have a Visa Gold card, take the time to read what it offers in terms of coverage during your trip.

For these small or big incidents, that can spoil your holidays in Luxembourg or abroad, better to be well insured!

Buy a bag lock

If you plan on staying at a hostel or even storing your luggage while wandering around the city, its a good idea to invest in a lock for you bags! This is also extremely helpful for travel on public transport. This way, no one but you has access to your things, especially if you are storing these important documents in something like your backpack!

Be aware of your surroundings

While traditionally traveling in groups and with your family is safer then traveling alone, it is always helpful to be alert! Public transport and crowded summer destinations are always a good place for pickpockets and thieves to hide in. So if you plan on making that summer destination trip a reality, just be sure that you look around you!

You now hold all the cards to be protected in the event of mishap and enjoy your holidays with peace of mind!