February Watchlist

Check out our top TV and movie picks this month!
04 February 2022


The newest season of Ozark on Netflix is keeping us on our toes. If you love TV shows with dark themes and cliff hangers, Ozark is your perfect match. Watch as the main character’s cushy lifestyle gets completely turned upside down when he gets in deep with the Mexican cartel. 

Munich – The Edge of War

This serious Netflix movie is the best watch this month for history buffs. In the midst of World War II, follow a British civil servant and a German Diplomat as they make their journey to Munich to discuss peace. 


A new season of this hit show was recently released to Netflix following the Jerry Harris scandal. This season delves into the highs and lows of being a young person during the pandemic as well as navigating the world of cheerleading in the midst of a scandal. If you watch this show prepare to become invested in the characters!

The Sinner

If you love TV shows with plot twists, The Sinner will have you on the edge of your seat. This thriller focuses on the life of a detective and how he becomes highly (some would say overly) invested in his cases. Each season touches on a different, abnormal case that the detective must slave to solve. 

I am Georgina

If you are looking to watch something light-hearted and fun, I am Georgina is the perfect break from madness. The show follows Georgina Rodriguez’s journey from humble beginnings to fame, navigating the spotlight of being Cristiano Ronaldo’s spouse. 

Don’t Look Up

This new movie took Netflix by storm when it was released in December because of the familiar Hollywood faces it features. Don’t Look Up takes place when earth will soon be facing extinction. The two main characters Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence are racing against the clock to raise awareness of the extinction before it is too late. A great wakeup call for us all! 


This Disney classic rework is a perfect watch for families! We finally learn the origin story of the infamous Cruella, beginning with her innocent past in the fashion industry. 

What are you watching this month? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!