6 Mullerthal Trails to Hike this Spring & Summer

Looking to get out of the house and enjoy Luxembourg's beautiful nature? Head to the Mullerthal region and check out some of our favourite hikes!
23 May 2023

One of the best ways to take advantage of the warm weather in Luxembourg is to hike, and some of the best hiking spots in Luxembourg are found in the Mullerthal Region—AKA “Little Switzerland”!

We’ve done a few of these hikes over the years, and thought we would share some of our favorites. Some were easy, others were much more difficult, but they all led us through some truly beautiful parts of the country! 

1. Larochette

This was our first Mullerthal hike, and it is a really great one to start with. It is approximately 8.5 kilometers and takes about two hours to complete. You can take the bus up to the Larochette Gare and walk over to the town hall to start the hike. About halfway through, you’ll stumble upon the Castle Meesebuerg, which is really beautiful! If you hike a little bit past the castle there are some gorgeous rocks that you can sit on to have a picnic lunch. 

The trail loops around and ends back at the town hall. If it gets late and you’d like to avoid a long commute home, we recommend a stay at the youth hostel which has a restaurant and plenty of activities for the next day. It’s a great way to turn your weekend hike into a staycation!

The trail has a two shoe rating (out of three) on the Mullerthal website, so we recommend it for hikers who have a little hiking experience but are otherwise active. Just make sure to bring a water bottle!

2. Consdorf

After our last Mullerthal hike was such a success, we knew we needed to do another one. We also wanted a bit of a challenge, so we chose Consdorf. And boy, was it a challenge!

It had a lot of steep inclines and declines, and there were a few side trails you could explore if you wanted to. The middle of the trail involved a stroll through a neighborhood with some restaurants, which could be a great place to take a break if necessary! The waterfall (which is just before the middle of the trail) is also beautiful and a great spot to have a picnic lunch. This trail has a three shoe rating on the Mullerthal website and is just over 9 kilometers long.

This was certainly a fun (albeit long) hike, so we’d recommend it to experienced hikers who don’t mind getting a little sore. If you’ve got any sort of asthma/breathing complications, this may not be the hike for you!

3. Echternach

This hike is one of our favorite things to do in Echternach! Just like Larochette, you can take a bus to the gare and walk over to the start of the hike; this time, it will be at the Basilica. It starts out with an incredibly steep climb, but you’ll then be treated with some breathtaking views of Echternach! You can also take a bit of a detour on the Paulsplatte rock. The rest of the hike isn’t too hilly, but the decline at the end is a bit steep. It takes about four hours!

This is definitely a challenging hike, but it’s not impossible! It’s longer than Consdorf (13.5 kilometers) but doesn’t feel as hilly. You’ll also end up back in Echternach, so you can take the time to get some food and gelato before heading home. We’d recommend this hike to anyone with hiking experience, or anyone with a lot of energy!

4. Berdorf (and Beaufort)

This hike is a lot shorter than both Consdorf and Echternach. It was 6.6 kilometers and takes about 2 hours!

You can start by taking a bus up to Berdorf (specifically, Duerfplaz) and then hike around the loop. The vast majority of the hike is walking down a moderate decline; however, the last part of the hike has you walking back up a very steep hill! Afterwards, we recommend taking a bus to Beaufort to explore its castle, which is gorgeous!

You don’t really need a lot of experience to be able to do this hike, just be prepared for that incline at the end! It’s got two shoes on the Mullerthal website and takes you through some stunning rock formations.

5. Junglinster

To start this hike, take a bus up to Junglinster and find the starting point on the Rue de Bourglinster! The hike itself is a little over 9 kilometers long and takes about two hours.

This trail is both clearly marked and relatively short, which makes it perfect for solo hikes! You’ll climb the Zwéckelkopp, which is a bit steep but definitely worth it. Then you’ll hike through a beautiful forest! The decline back down the hill was much less steep than the incline, so it’s not too difficult. You’ll also end up where you started, which is always a plus!

This trail has a two shoe rating on the Mullerthal website, and it’d be a good solo hike as long as you’ve hiked before. If not, find a hiking buddy!

6. Reisdorf

This is another (relatively) easier hike! It’s the same length as Junglinster (9.2 kilometers) and has two shoes on the Mullerthal website. It takes about two and a half hours, and while there is a bit of a hill at the beginning of the hike, the end is relatively flat. It’s also easy to find—only 50 meters from the Bei der Gare bus stop!

These are just a fraction of the trails that Mullerthal has to offer. Check out more here or here! No matter which trail you end up on, you’re sure to get lots of fresh air and see some truly beautiful sights.

Which Mullerthal trail is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!