September Watchlist

Cold air is approaching and it's time to find a new comfort series to binge on a fall afternoon! Here's top picks for all things entertaining as we transition from beach days to our couches!
20 September 2023

Endless Comedy For Everyone: Modern Family

A timeless show bringing so many laughs that each season will have you coming back for more. This sitcom follows the chaotic life of couple Claire and Phil as they navigate parenting three kids and an extended family that is ironically anything but modern. The Dunpheys face life’s troubles through a comedic documentary style perspective. This makes for a relatable show that’s perfect to watch while doing dishes, watching TV with the family after dinner or if you need hours of lighthearted entertainment during travel.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video 

Seasons: 11

A Law Firm Scandal: Suits

This resurfaced legal drama has become all the rage in the media within the past three months. College dropout and part time drug dealer Patrick Adams finds himself ditching his old life for the corporate world. The irony of being brought into the world of law by being at the right place at the right time. He decides to continue this career as a fraud as he begins building cases with Rachel (played by Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex). Patrick never knows if his bosses are on his side or secretly organizing to get him booted from the office. With no law school past, the only thing this trouble newbie can rely on is his photographic memory and intuition. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons: 9

Heartwarming Fall Drama: Gilmore Girls

This dramedy features iconic single mother and teen daughter duo Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore. Lorelai’s witty banter and rebellious past combat with Rory’s perfectionist drive to attend Harvard as they take on life’s challenges and the semantics of growing up at all ages. The perfect show for the approaching chilly weather as it’s set in the comforting small fall town of Stars Hollow. A perfect seasonal watch as these two spend their mornings as coffee addicts in Luke’s diner and relatable nights ordering take out. The seasons change as they bring on emerging slow burn romances throughout the series as well as family troubles and town fiascos. Through it all, the Gilmore bond stays strong. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons: 7

A Mind Boggling Sci-Fi: Black Mirror

This dystopian anthology will have you engaged through 40 minutes of plot twists that are not even close to predictable.  Black Mirror forecasts the future as times continue to push technology and other agendas by exposing the most bizarre case scenarios of the future. Each episode of this series has a different storyline with a take on modern society that will keep you on your toes and can even be seen as a warning. If you missed the media hype this summer, season six was released in June with the most watched episode being ‘Joan Is Awful’ depicting the life of a reality star played by Salma Hayek. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons:  6

A Classic Scary Series: Scream 6

This light horror trilogy continues to live on as returning characters from the 90s original such as Courtney Cox join rising star Jenna Ortega (known for hit fall show Wednesday on Netflix) to take on a line of small town killers who continue to pass on the scream mask. The previous film of this franchise brought in millions of new viewers as it was released nearly a decade after the original series. A fresh location brings the remaining Ghost face survivors from the 5th film to relocate from Woodsboro to New York City. The comotion lives on as the movie starts off on Halloween night, a perfect setting for this upcoming season. 

Where to watch: Paramount Plus

A Summer Rewind: Perfect Match

A highly bingeable reality show bringing together your favorite contestants that have gained rapid fame and admiration of Netflix viewers around the world. This series is an adaptation of past hits bringing in huge social media personalities such as Joey Sasso from ‘the Circle’ and Francesca Farago from ‘Too Hot To Handle.’ Watch these characters couple up and take on challenges to see which duo is the strongest to survive. Whoever has the upper hand can bring new people to shake things up in the villa. If you don’t have a match you will be sent home!

Where to watch: Netflix

Seasons: 1

Up and Coming: Haunted Mansion

A remastered version of the 2003 original movie ‘The Haunted Mansion’ starring Eddie Murphy. Disney Plus has released an in -theater movie from this summer on its streaming platform making it more accessible to view. This 2023 rendition is set in the ghostly historical town of New Orleans. Similar to the original, a family stumbles across a house to stay in that is more than haunted.  A mother and her son team up with spiritual experts including a tour guide and a medium to turn around the dynamics of the house that’s been run by menacing ghost ‘crump’ played by Jared Leto. This movie is a perfect easy watch that combines comedy with a suspenseful adventure. 

Where to watch: Disney Plus

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