A Day in Echternach, Itinerary

Echternach is a great place to visit if you’re looking for an inexpensive, calm, and outdoorsy day trip!
29 June 2023

Looking to spend a day relaxing by the water, exploring museums, wandering through a town, or even participating in some water sports? Echternach is for you! Here are some recommendations to get you started:

Abbaye d’Echternach (and its museum)

One of Echternach’s most well-known attractions is its abbey, which sits in the middle of town. It’s within walking distance of the Echternach gare if you’d like to be car-free! The abbey was first built in the 4th century but almost entirely destroyed during WWII, and the surrounding buildings are currently used as a school.

While inside, check out the Musée de l’Abbaye, which details the stories of the monks who used to live there. It also has information about Echternach’s culture and traditions, as well as centuries-old artifacts.

Address: 11, Parvis de la Basilique, L-6486 Echternach

St. Willibrord Basilica

Right by the Echternach Abbey is the St. Willibrord Basilica. It houses the remains of the Abbey’s founder! Historians believe it was first designed during the 11th and 13th centuries, but it was significantly damaged during the Battle of the Bulge and rebuilt to look more Romanesque. The fountain outside the basilica is beautiful as well!

Address: Port Sainte Willibrord, L-6486 Echternach

Market Square

Head over to the nearby Place du Marché to find all sorts of shops and restaurants! You can also check out some historic buildings and structures, such as an old courthouse (which is unfortunately closed to the public) and the Column of Justice.

While here, we recommend you do some shopping or grab a bite to eat! We love Eiscafe Venezia’s gelato, and Pizzeria du Passage has some great vegetarian and vegan options! Our go-to chocolate shop, The Chocolate House, has a store in Echternach that offers outdoor seating. You can also take a walk down the side streets to find GreenDate, a store that produces zero waste!

Address: Place du Marché L-6386 Echternach

Echternach Municipal Park

A short walk from the Echternach Abbey is the Municipal Park, which includes the Abbey Gardens! This is a gorgeous park that’s perfect for strolling through, especially in the summer months when the flowers are in bloom. It’s also got a minigolf course! If the weather’s nice, we highly recommend going for a walk along the river – you’ll find some gorgeous views of the city and the water.

Address: Rue du Pont, L-6486 Echternach

Echternach Lake

You can certainly walk to our final stop, but it’s a little far (it’ll take about 30 minutes!), so you could save some time by catching a bus or taking a car – then it’s only about 5 minutes!

While you can’t swim in the lake, you can still enjoy some truly beautiful sights! You can also take a hike, a walk, or a bike tour. Echternach Lake is often where a lot of seasonal events are held, like the musical event “E-Lake”, the sports event “Mill-Man-Trail”, or the “Open-Air Cinema”.

Address: Chemin vers Rodenhof, L-6479 Echternach

Youth Hostel Echternach

If you’re looking to spend the night up in Echternach, check out the youth hostel! It’s got a climbing wall, a sports hall, and a trampoline park! It also has its own restaurant—the Melting Pot! The hostel offers guided hikes and bike tours as well.

Address: 100, rue Grégoire Schouppe, L-6479 Echternach

Bonus: Mullerthal Hike

In the mood for a challenging workout? We recommend checking out Echternach’s Mullerthal Hike! The trail starts at the Basilica, takes you up the Wollefsschlucht gorge, and ends right back in the city! It’s clearly labeled and circular, so you can technically go in either direction. In total, the hike is about 13.5 km and lasts around 4 hours; however, there are several steep hills, so it’s recommended that hikers have some prior experience.

Address: Parvis de Basilique, L-6464 Echternach