A Family Escape: Domaine Provincial de Chevetogne

One of the biggest joys when traveling with kids, especially small ones, is to discover places where the children can come closer to nature, play in a beautiful forest or playground and create magical memories, all in one place.  Elfi Koufogeorgou's latest discovery which checks all the boxes is the Domaine Provincial de Chevetogne.
11 December 2020

It’s only a one hour drive from the Luxembourg border to Belgium, and the Domaine is currently accessible for free with no entrance ticket needed.

When we arrived for the first time we were not really sure what to expect. We parked the car at the big parking spot near the entrance, passing beautiful fields with horses, donkeys and ponies along the way.

We started walking and we immediately realised that we were in a magical place.

We not only discovered amazing hiking paths in the forest, but also beautiful lakes, wooden tree houses, restaurants (of course currently closed due to Covid), various playgrounds at different spots, tennis courts, swimming pool (also currently closed), a beautiful castle that it seems it is also a natural history museum! We will definitely be heading back when everything reopens…there is so much to discover and enjoy!

You will also find picnic tables, horse stables which offer horseback riding walks, beautiful gardens, statues and it also seemed possible to organise overnight stays (we will confirm)!

We walked A LOT and at places we stopped we took in the landscape and were mesmerized by the beauty of nature. Most parts of the Chateau and surroundings can also be reached with a stroller as there are accessible paved small roads.

We truly believe this place is a hidden gem for families around Luxembourg and has loads of other things to explore… we will definitely be back and keep you updated! If you visit, we’d love to hear what you think too! Please let us know and most importantly, happy exploring!