Art Therapy: Creativity to Combat Stress

For most of us, stress has become an all too familiar companion in our everyday lives. Whether it’s the high demands of work, relationships or family, we are often left feeling overwhelmed and emotionally drained!
27 August 2023

While there are many different ways to approach stress management, one that has gained attention in recent years is art therapy. The approach to de-stressing can help individuals cope with stress in a unique and transformative way while helping you get in touch with your more creative side!

Art: It’s Healing Power

Using art therapy is an extremely therapeutic technique that utilises the process of creating visual art which enhances mental, emotional and even physical well-being. Whether you’re creating original art or just starting a new art therapy colouring book, the process of art can provide an opportunity to engage different parts of the brain which can promote relaxation and mindfulness.

Relive Stress through Creativity

Whether you’re painting, drawing, sculpting or crafting, the creative process of art is inherently calming. It helps to divert your attention away from daily stressors and focus on the task at hand. The diversion will allow your mind to take a break from the constant stream of worries which offers a form of mental respite. Creating art can be a very immersive experience, one that many aliken to meditation, helping to reduce anxiety and tension.

Integrating Art into Daily Life

Adding art into your daily routine doesn’t mean that you have to be a professional artist! Simple doodling, colouring or even journaling can be incredibly therapeutic. No one is asking you to create a masterpiece, art therapy and the process itself is what matters. The goal is for you to be in touch with the creative process and allow it to serve as a way to channel your emotions and provide a much needed break from stress.

As our world continues to be filled with demands and pressures, it’s important to find effective ways to manage stress to help maintain overall well-being. Art therapy offers you an avenue of stress relief by combining creativity, self-expression and mindfulness into one activity. It’s never too late to start, so pick up a paintbrush, pen or even some clay and start a calmer, more creative way of coping with stress.