Banque Raiffeisen


Head Office 
Banque Raiffeisen s.c.
4, rue Léon Laval
L-2134 Leudelange

Opening Hours:

Varies by branch, check opening times here


Banque Raiffeisen is a cooperative bank. And that makes all the difference!
First cooperative bank in Luxembourg, Banque Raiffeisen is committed to supporting and working solely in the interests of its members and clients. With a network of more than 30 agencies, Banque Raiffeisen serves retail, private banking and corporate clients. Banque Raiffeisen is a totally independant bank, owned by its members who are also its clients, and focuses exclusively on the Luxembourg market, thus enabling fast and independant decison-making with full knowledge of the local context. 

Banque Raiffeisen’s ambition is to offer high-quality products and services while forging strong, lasting relationships with all of its stakeholders and studies show that in Luxembourg Raiffeisen customers are those who are the most satisfied with their bank. Moreover, Raiffeisen offers a complete range of sustainable investment products tailored to your specific needs. Do not hesitate to get in touch with their advisors!

Why CSL Loves it!
Is it possible for a bank to be any more supportive of a growing family than giving your new baby a €50 savings voucher to put towards his/her first savings account? Raiffeisen has put together a Baby Box filled with gifts for your new addition as well as for the blissfully confused and sleep deprived parents. They won’t be taking the night feedings but at least they point you in the right direction in terms of saving for your little peanut.


Phone number: +352 2450 1000


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