Barefoot in Luxembourg: My Sunday Restaurant Pick

Corie Bratter, or Barefoot in Luxembourg, started her blog in 2014 to show that Luxembourg isn't boring like people used to say - and sometimes still do! Hear all about Corie's go-to pick for dining out on a Sunday!
12 February 2023

“I’ve always been a massive foodie & super adventurous when it comes to food, so naturally my karma is to be married to the most picky eater ever! My husband could basically survive just on chicken.”

Born on the beach in Italy & raised in Milan, Corie sat down with CSL Mag to share her top restaurant pick for a Sunday. She shares with us what’s on her must-try list, why she loves it and what makes it the perfect Sunday spot!

My Sunday Restaurant Pick

Oio, Osteria con Cucina (

Your go to cocktail on the menu?

Definitely Negroni. I used to live in Milan and at Oio you can find one of the best Negroni in Luxembourg.

What’s your must-try dish?

Oio’s menu is very seasonal and is changing on a regular basis, so you are never bored even if you visit it frequently. One of their signature dishes is also one of my favorite: tortelli with ossobuco, hand-made pasta, filled with veal shank, Parmesan cream and gremolada. This dish is one of the closest things to inner peace I have ever tried. And always keep a space for the cheese Ferrari.

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Easy to get to?

I basically just rely on public transportation, as we live out of the city and we don’t have a car. One of the reasons why Luxembourg is amazing. Bus n. 9 or n. 14 from Central Station or Hamilius will get you right in front of Oio’s door. And to come back, you can opt for a relaxing walk down the Petrusse valley – the access stairs are on the side of the restaurant.

What’s the atmosphere like?

Oio has a very unique allure you can’t find anywhere else in Luxembourg. My favorite part is the winter terrace with its view on the bridge. It is warm and romantic, perfect for a date or if you have a visitor. But if you prefer to dine inside, the ambience is equally cozy. 

How is the service?

Young and friendly, yet professional. If you have any doubt, on food or wine, you will be able to trust the staff completely for the best choice. I discovered several new nice wines in this way!

What makes it a perfect spot for a Sunday?

Oio is warm and intimate, has a charming location near Rives de Clausen and an amazing view few steps from the Petrusse valley, which is perfect for an after lunch walk. They propose a refined kind of Italian cuisine, mainly from North, as chef Leonardo is from Verona, you will not find anywhere else in Luxembourg.  

Thank you so much to Corie for sitting down with us and chatting to us about your restaurant pick. You can find Corie on all socials with the handle: @corie.bratter and at