Beachy Waves 3 Ways

Who said hair styling has to be hard? Here are 3 quick & easy ways that you can get gorgeous beachy waves perfect for summer!
19 July 2022

Written by: Hannah Charlton

Prep The Hair!

Hairstyles notoriously work best on slightly dirty hair, typically the day after a hair wash as this is enough time for a natural oils to slightly build up helping to hold the style. Freshly washed hair is beautifully silky smooth, and that is exactly what hairstyles hate. Prepping the hair with products such as dry shampoo or texturizing spray will add volume and lift to the hair making it easier to style. Apply the dry shampoo directly to the roots and massage in to get maximum lift, texturizing spray gives grit to the hair which helps the style last all day long.

Top Tip! Please make sure you’re using a high quality heat protectant to keep your locks protected & damage free!

Option 1 – Curling Wand

Step 1: Section The Hair

Section your hair into two, a top & bottom half. This makes curling much easier and will help you keep track of where you have curled. Run a hairbrush through each section you are working on as this will stop you any hair getting tangled and gives the smoothest style. Beachy waves are all about looking effortless so using bigger curling iron barrels, typically 32mm, give loose curls which we are after.

Top Tip! If you have thick hair I suggest sectioning the hair into much smaller sections which makes it much easier.

Step 2: Get Your Curl On

Starting from the bottom section, grab a one inch section and wrap it over the barrel which creates curls going away from your face. Once you have wrapped almost all of the hair around the barrel, leave 1 or 2cm of the ends out as this will look more natural. Leave the hair wrapped around the barrel for 5 – 8 seconds and once the hair is released gently pull on it as it cools to give the beachy effect we want. For the next one inch section, do the exact same process as before however instead of curling away from your face you want to curl towards your face. Rather than the hair being wrapped over the barrel, you want to wrap it under instead. Alternating curls is the key to effortless waves as the hair will naturally separate creating gorgeous waves. Continue this all over your head, after a few curls you’ll get the hang of it!

Top Tip! The front pieces of your hair should be curled away from your face as this will frame & flatter the face.

Step 3 : Finishing Touches

Once everything is curled, lightly apply some texturizing spray over the hair to seal the look in and if you really want to embody the beach goddess look then spritz some sea salt spray over the hair to help separate the curls.

Option 2 – Straightener

Step 1: Prep The Hair

Straighteners create similar curls, personally I prefer using the straightener as it gives looser waves rather than curls. The hair prep is the exact same as with the curling wand: section, brushing it out, the width of hair sections and the direction of which we curl in. All that is different is the technique.

Step 2: Get Your Curl On

Taking a once inch section of hair, clamp the straighteners at the root of the hair and slide down for a few seconds to straighten the root. For curls going away from your face, take the straighter and begin to twist away from your face until your hand can’t turn anymore. Then take your other hand to continue twisting while moving down the strand of the hair. I know it sounds complex, it is easy but it just takes a few tries. Use the same technique for the curls going towards your face however once you clamp the straighteners down on the hair, instead of twisting the straightener away from your face you want to twist it towards you. Once again, you will get to a point where your hand can’t twist anymore so use the other hand to continue twisting while you move down the strands of hair. Leave the ends of the hair out of the curl, if the pieces are curled at the end just run the straighter over them.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Follow up with the same products as before to finish the look. Sometimes curling with straighteners can decrease the volume so dry shampoo, texturizing spray and sea salt spray will really lift the look.

Option 3 – Braids

Step 1: Double Dutch It!

This is my go to when I want a quick and easy style! I typically do braids when my hair is dry as I like to straighten any kinks out and then braid the hair. Divide you hair into two even sections creating pigtails. Keeping one side still tied, brush the other side to smooth out any knots. Starting at the top of your head, take a half an inch section of hair at the front of your hair and divide this section into three. Pulling relatively tight, start the braid close to the root and slowly start adding bits of hair into each section of the braid. Continue this process down the hair, ensuring that you are keeping the braid pulled tight. Secure it with a hair tie then repeat this process on the other side. With two braids now done, begin slightly pulling at the braids from the bottom to the top as this will loosen it and give relaxed waves once they are taken out.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

The longer you leave the braids in, the more curly the hair will be. I like to leave my braids in for two or three hours for loose waves and overnight for long lasting curls. Finish the look with some texturizing spray and sea salt spray to complete your sun kissed beachy look.