Angelika Bocian-Jawarska Wins Circular By Design Challenge 2023

LUX WMN sat down with Angelika Bocian-Jaworska, founder of Äerd Lab, to discuss her award-winning design: Eggshell Wonders, as well as what it's like being a woman in architecture.
10 June 2023

LUX WMN: First off, congratulations on having Eggshell Wonders, winning the Circular by Design Challenge 2023 in the Multifunctional Urban Furniture Category! How does it feel?

Angelika Bocian-Jawarska: Thank you, it’s a great feeling when your idea and your entire company are appreciated by a jury of experts under the patronage of Luxinnovation. For Äerd Lab, it is not only a win, but also the beginning of a new stage in the company’s activity.

LW: Can you explain to us a little bit about Eggshell Wonders?

ABJ: Eggshell Wonders is the urban furniture 3D printed with clay and eggshell powder. Eggshell Wonders is a project that proves that eggs can save the planet. The first key aspect is using clay waste and food waste with organic additives. Making new furniture without producing more future waste. After collecting eggshells from local companies, I could 3D my organic design that can fit into any exhibition space or outdoor areas. The second key aspect is full recycling – if any piece is broken or unnecessary, it can be crushed and the material can be reprinted or placed in the soil to locally improve its quality.

LW: It’s a brilliant concept and one that is wonderfully unique, how did the idea come to be?

ABJ: My research is constantly looking for organic equivalents of concrete ingredients that can be 3D printed. At the same time, an important aspect of Äerd Lab’s work is the sourcing of local raw materials. That’s why I analyzed the information on waste in Luxembourg and it turned out that we are in 3rd place in Europe in egg consumption per person! The shells that we throw away in mass can be reused as a resource, because they consist of 98% calcium. This fact makes it called green cement and I tried adding it to my mix to improve its compressive strength.

LW: As a sustainable and eco friendly solution paired with 3D printing, how would a concept like this change the landscape of conventional design and infrastructure?

ABJ: First of all, it is the first step to rid the urban landscape of concrete and steel benches. We will also prevent 90% of furniture from going to landfill. But above all, it will make users of all ages aware that materials that we consider worthless can be used in a different way, providing added value to parks or playgrounds thanks to their organic shapes inspired by nature.

LW: What does it mean to you to be a woman in the architecture world and how do you envision Äerd Lab growing over the coming months?

ABJ: Architecture seems to be a male-dominated field, but I try to focus on cooperation rather than competition. This is especially important for challenging research projects. The coming months are a big change as Äerd Lab moves to Bettembourg to start the Äerd Brick research project on a 3D printed clay brick made of the local materials not requiring firing. At the same time, I will continue the Eggshell Wonders so that they are ready for testing and, as a result, can be placed in the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2025 Osaka and LUGA 2025.