Carnivals & Parades 2024 

Fun for the whole family this carnival season!
12 February 2024

Time to party! Specifically, its carnival or fuesend time. Celebrate the season by checking out our favorite recommendations for Carnivals and Parades.


February 10-18: Carnival at Tourist Center Robbesscheier

Enjoy carnival in the great outdoors at the nature discovery center!

When: Saturday, February 10th-18th, 9:30-4:30 pm
Where: Tourist Center Robbesscheier, 1 Frummeschgaass, 9766 Munzen Klierfr
Age: All
Cost: Kids €3, parents €7
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February 23rd-25th: Fues Weekend in Esch-sur-Alzette

A weekend-long festival with live music, children’s entertainment, and a cavalcade!

When: February 23rd-25th, with a Kannerfuesbal from 2:00-4:00 pm
Where: Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, Esch sur Alzette4289 Esch-sur-Alzette
Age: All
Cost: Kids €3, parents €7
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February 24th: Kannerfuesbal

A mini carnival for the kids!

When: February 24th 2:00-6:00 pm
Where: 1, Rue Kümmel Beaufort, Luxembourg
Age: All
Cost: Kids €3, parents free
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February 25th: NYX Family Carnival Brunch hosted by TravelmatKanner

Family friendly all you can eat brunch with carnival activities and face painting!

When: February 25th, 11:00 am-3:00 pm.
Where: NYX Food & Wine Experience, 13 Boulevard du Jazz, Belvaux, Luxembourg
Age: All
Cost: €27, €49, and kids under 4 eat free
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Less of a parade and more of a party, Carnival in Differdange is a 3-day affair with something for hardcore party-goers and families alike. Friday night is a party for adults, then the main Clochard’s-bal is on the Saturday starting at 9pm with the Mini-Clochard’s bal for the family from 3pm to 6pm on the Sunday. One of the more expensive balls, but also one of the most fun. Hurry and buy your Clochard’s-bal tickets in presale for 10 euros or buy them at the evening ticket office once you get there for 15 euros.

  • Don’t miss if: you want to nurse your hangover in the comfort of your home on Sunday, rather than at work on Monday.

Where: All events take place in the centre of Differdange.
When: February 23rd-25th
Contact: or 58 771-1900Website and tickets (Luxembourgish)


Remich has a great procession and the price of the ticket is well worth it (particularly if you win the tombola!) What makes Remich so special is that they follow the Luxembourg traditions from beginning to end in a unique way; from the Stréimännchen (the burning of a male doll, hung from the bridge in Remich that connects Luxembourg and Germany as a symbol of chasing away winter) on February 14th through to the Buergbrennen (bonfire) on February 17th. The culmination is that much more special when you’ve been part of every festivity in the town.

  • Don’t miss if: you want to participate in all of Luxembourg’s Lent festivities in one historic town.

Where: Departs from the Route du Luxembourg at the top of Remich; then winds through the town and ends at the Pavillon St Remy.
When: March 10th, 14:30


The annual carnival celebration in Pétange is called the Karneval Gemeng Péiteng – or in short: Kagepe (KaGePe). If you like it big, with a bit of history attached, this cavalcade is the one for you; it’s the oldest and largest carnival parade in the country. As such, it attracts a great crowd (over 30,000 last year) of both internationals and locals with its vibrant funky program and after-party.

  • Don’t miss if: you want to sound truly local; ‘Yeah, I’m going to the Kagepe this weekend, baby.’

Where: Place du Marché
When: February 23rd. The parade starts at 14:11. Animations and fun start early – we’d recommend you hit Pétange at least an hour early.


*This information is still being confirmed, check back for updated info

A 2-day extravaganza with fun for everyone! There is an event for the students at the university and a party for families with the children’s carnival and Kapesëtzung Fues-Revue on Saturday. The climax is on the 15th March when the huge parade (60 floats and 45 associations are to take part) sets out. Cheer it on and then get ready for the after-party – you’ll find the adrenaline keeps you going.

  • Don’t miss if: you want to experience a whole long weekend of partying.Where: Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, L-4011 Esch-sur-Alzette. Parade goes via Place Victor Hugo, Rue Victor Hugo, Rue du Nord, Rue du Canal, Rue du Brill, Rue de l’Alzette & Place de l’Hôtel de Ville
    When: February 23rd-24th, March 1st-2nd


Don’t forget to sample typical Luxembourgish Carnival goodies*, including:

  • Verwurrelt Gedanken (scrambled thoughts) — knots of pastry sprinkled with icing sugar,
  • Nonnefäscht (nuns’ farts) — doughnuts sprinkled with icing sugar,
  • Täertelcher — doughnuts,
  • Maisercher — mouse-shaped donuts, and
  • Stretzegebäck — small cakes made of pastry that is scalded before being baked.


Haven’t listed your favourite carnival or parade? Have a party that you think everyone should know about? Tell us in the comments and we will add it in – we want this to be the best resource in Luxembourg for you!