Carrie Cannon Coaching


Carrie Cannon Coaching offers a safe, nurturing space to have powerful
conversations about creating a personal health vision and achieving whatever it
takes to get there.

Drawing on over 40 years of diverse experience, as a qualified health coach, Carrie
Cannon brings invaluable experience to the table, offering clients whether
individually or in groups, the highest standard of evidence-based coaching. Her
commitment lies in empowering individuals to attain and sustain good health by
providing them with the guidance and support necessary for tangible results.

This includes finding the healthy habits that work for the individual or organisation,
building knowledge on what a healthy life looks and feels like, providing support to
navigate symptoms of chronic health issues such as heart or respiratory disease,
cancer, menopause and diabetes, 1 and 2 as well as pre diabetes.

Carrie Cannon Coaching provides bespoke guidance and support to help
organisations promote a healthier workplace in line with mission and purpose.

Carrie Cannon Coaching provides health education services for schools based on 25
years school health experience. We provide engaging and informative sessions to
empower the next generation with the skills they need to live healthy, balanced lives.


Phone: +352 691 313 675


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