Centro Hair Salon


18 – 24, Rue Michel Rodange, L-2430 Luxembourg

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 10am-7:30pm Saturday: 9am-5pm  Sunday-Monday: closed


English speaking hair salon located in the city centre with a professional approach. When your mane is in need of a makeover, be it cut or colour, expert Kristin is the person who will sort you out. Both women and men’s cuts are offered, and even children can benefit from their skills in a calm environment. In lieu of colouring, they offer only the best of  Balayage, highlights, and Ombré. They feature deep conditioning treatments using the most simple and effective products created in Australia by ELEVEN- (the only salon in Lux who uses this fantastic brand) .

Why CSL Loves it!:

If you are like us- you will know that 95% of women don’t know how to properly style their own hair in order to go out. Finally! A place in central Luxembourg that offers blow outs! Try Kristin once and you will flock to again and again because the quality of cut, colour, blow out given is simply unbeatable. 

Enter the calm oasis of Centro, have a coffee on their terrace while you collect your thoughts and trust that you are putting your hair into the hands of two of the most fantastic stylists in Lux- exclusively using ‘ELEVEN’ products from Australia with names like ‘I Want Body’ Texture Spray made up of powder and liquid that combine to create a dry texture and ‘Miracle Hair Treatment’ that is composed of some of the highest quality cruelty-free ingredients you will put on your tresses.  You are sure to walk out with fabulous hair and a pep in your step. 

Website: Visit https://salonkee.lu/salon/centro for more information.

Phone number: +352 26 18 76 86

Email: centroluxembourg@gmail.com

Instagram: Follow their account