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Luxembourg Hosts 3rd Race for the Cure

by Sarah Clinger
From Sunday September 26 to Sunday October 10 Think Pink Luxembourg in collaboration with Think Pink Europe will be hosting their 3rd Race for the CureⓇ, Europe’s biggest sporting event for women’s health. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the race will be held virtually over a two week period. Individuals who wish to support or join the event can register online here, and may choose to run or walk as far as they wish on their own time. 

The event supplies funding for breast cancer organizations and hospitals, and raises awareness about the disease. These funds are more important than ever as 500,000 new diagnoses and 130,000 people die of breast cancer each year. The Money raised this year will be used to support women and their families here in Luxembourg that are living with cancer. The funding is also vital to the Luxembourg Institute of Health to support their ongoing cancer research. 

Think Pink Luxembourg is a registered not for profit organization managed entirely by volunteers and is based right here in Luxembourg. Their mission is to provide support to women in the country living and battling various forms of cancer. The organization, its various events, and its awards are funded entirely from fundraising events, donations, and sponsorships. Every year since 2012, the organization gives out the Marian Aldred Award to young researchers working on the Invadoblaock project at the Luxembourg Insitiute of Health, this project is aimed at blocking breast cancer cell invasion and metastasis. 

If you plan to show your support from indoors, Think Pink Luxembourg recommends running on a treadmill or in a gym, as long as you remember to register online and join the event virtually! Individuals also have the option to register a 3K walk or 6K run online and participate with their friends, family, peers, and neighbors. Registering your run or walk allows you to connect with Europeans across the continent. Last year, despite COVID-19 restrictions in place, thousands of people registered, donated, and walked to raise awareness, not forgetting to mention Race for the Cure collected donations from 32 countries in Europe.

Individuals who hope to participate in the event can spice up your online presence by using the hashtag #RFTC2021. This hashtag can be used on all social media to share race outfits, race preparations, workouts, get-togethers, and to inspire others to join the cause.

If you can not make the event and wish to get the whole community involved at a different time, Race for the Cure allows you to host your own race as a company, organization, city, or even municipality. All you need is 50 supportive individuals, a reputable charity you are willing to support, and you must register the event through Race for the Cure.

The race will take place from September 26 until October 10, with the possibility of an in person event in Echternach on the 10th of October (to be announced). For more information about Race for the cure click here. For more information about Think Pink Luxembourg click here. For those wishing to donate directly to the Think Pink Lux a.s.b.l. Account you can by following the steps below.

How to Donate to the Think Pink Lux a.s.b.l. account: 

-Banque de Luxembourg
IBAN:  Account (IBAN) LU88 0080 3028 6280 2001
Account name:  THINK PINK LUX ASBL

-Please include in your message information helping us to identify the payments as a Donation; e.g. “Donation- for Activity by Your Name”

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