Château les Crostes & Bernard Massard

On Thursday 23rd February, at Tero House 17 in Luxembourg City, His Royal Highness Prince Félix of Luxembourg presented the new vintage wines as part of Château les Crostes in collaboration with Bernard Massard.
09 March 2023

In 2013, their Royal Highnesses Princess Claire and Prince Félix de Luxembourg took on Château les Crostes after being purchased by Princess Claire’s father in 1998. As part of a 220 hectare estate, 55 hectares of which are vineyards, the twelfth century château is tucked away in the heart of picturesque Provence, a region of France which has a long standing history of wine making.

Today, the vineyard produces annually 350,000 bottles & Prince Félix aims to increase that to 400,000 to 450,000 bottles over the next five years. Through the vineyards, there is array of Syrah, Grenache & Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for the red wines which have a focus on being soft & aromatic. There are also Cinsault & Grenache grapes which offer the fresh & elegant tastes of their rosés.

Within the cellar, only the most exquisite juices are collected for production of the Prestige cuvée of the three colours. The vinification is made in stainless tubs, an ultramodern technique, where the temperature is self-regulated which ensures the maximum aromas of the wines. There is a slight temperature raise for the red wine, then it heads to barrels. 

The château is well known for their Côtes de Provence, but their exquisite grounds have also given way for production of sparkling wines, Cuvée Claire & Cuvée Gabriela. Both sparkling wines make an ideal aperitif because of their light & fresh taste while the effervescent bubbles satisfy the palette.

The estate can be rented out between the months of May to September, with the grounds of the château are often being used for weddings, seminars & other big events. In addition to the vineyards, they also have a beautiful olive grove on the estate which features roughly 180 trees producing up to 300 litres of olive oil per year.

Château les Crostes now available at Bernard Massard

As Luxembourg’s main producer of sparkling wine, according to the traditional method, Bernard Massard is a family business of 5 generations who strive to create cuvées of impeccable quality. As the team works hard in the vineyards, all Bernard Massard products are produced with a single aim in mind: to offer their clients a moment of pleasure.

Bernard Massard Director, Antoine Clasen, explained that they are now responsible for the importing & distributing Château les Crostes wines around Luxembourg. You can purchase Château les Crostes’s vintage wines at Bernard Massard’s e-shop by clicking here.