Le Croque Bedaine- Beer & Croques

Discover the laid back and delicious Croque Bedaine located in Limpertsberg.
18 May 2022

Written by Alix Rassel

“Fantastic place you can bring your kids to that isn’t pizza hut,” I was recently told by a friend. She was referring to Le Croque Bedaine in Limpertsberg that opened in 2021. Part of a French franchise they specialize in bière and croques. Whilst the beer is optional, the croques are an absolute must- as we found out when we tried them.

When you walk into the restaurant you’re faced with a huge open bar area displaying 12 draught beers on tap, which means; these guys know their beer well, which indeed they do. Tell them what you are in the mood for and they will recommend one of their finest. If you’re not partial to beer, they also offer a selection of wines, cremant and soft drinks, nothing is too much trouble.

The food menu may be small, but even the fussiest eater, will find something to their liking. If you want to share the experience of a croque between friends, you can order the ultimate Croque;”le Croque Une invention du Croque Bedaine.” This thing looks so enormous it could feed you for weeks, but I’m yet to see someone order it. I had the Vegetarian croque which impressed me that they thought of us non meat eaters and my hubby had the Croque Madame, because he loves them. The croques were really tasty but I have to say the chips were unreal. Almost Belgian fries but not quite and I’m happy for a Belgian to correct me on that! My hubby needed more than just the croque so he also ordered the mozzarella sticks on the ‘special’s menu’, which were chewy and gooey- just as they should be.  

The staff are super friendly and when I asked where the toilet was, I was directed down a set of stairs, into a “treasure trove!” Little did I know that the previous owners had run the business as a restaurant/speakeasy and downstairs was an all 1920’s American treasure trove complete with a lock on the secret ‘bar’? I was later told that this area can be rented out for family occasions and at weekends, holds a popular Comedy club organized by Laughing out loud Luxembourg.

Looking around I saw a mixture of people there; some families, some locals and people just out enjoying an amazing comfort food like the croque. As it opens at 4pm on Saturdays, it can get busier with families up until 6.30pm but there is always somewhere to sit, perhaps in the private bar all by yourself. Wouldn’t that be fancy?!