Design in the City: Home and Furniture

Looking to spruce up your space? Here's a list of our favourite home stores in Luxembourg that are the perfect places to start with your redecorating needs.
29 April 2022

Pick 1- House of Henderson

House of Henderson is a mecca for serious style lovers and that laid-back luxury, bohemian aesthetic. Working closely with a handful of skilled artisans across Bali, they personally curate collections of furniture and home accessories that combine exquisite craftsmanship with modern designs and natural materials such as teak, rattan, bamboo and stone. From authentic Balinese day beds, to impressively over-sized floor standing vases, vibrant Suar wood tables, hand-carved four poster beds, Buddha statues and bamboo peacock chairs, everything they do is sensationally beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Because all of their furniture and homewares are handcrafted, each piece is individually unique by nature – so we recommended checking out the HoH Warehouse, a showroom-style space that is packed full of Bali’s easy tranquillity, rich organic lifestyle and eclectic vibes.

Good for: Finding a unique and high-quality bohemian piece.

Shop online here or you can contact them to see the pieces in person (

Pick 2- Sichel Home

It’s hard to believe that this beautiful store had its humble origins as a hardware stand in Esch-sur-Alzette in 1873. It was later acquired by Julius Sichel & Co. and has evolved over many years into a carefully curated home and gifts shop.

They carry a variety of classy, on-trend designs from international brands, selling seasonal items, candles, pillows, diffusers, fancy teas, dish and serving ware, soaps, and towels. It’s a great place for gifts and remains a Luxembourg-based institution with three stores. The location in Howald is the largest and features an expansive furniture and lighting showroom and design consultations from professional interior designers.

Good for: Tailor-made consultations

Find store locations and hours here.

Pick 3- Abitare

If you want to make a big statement in your home, Abitare in Dommeldange is a great option. You’ll see what we mean the moment you step into the front door. Life-size rainbow horse? Gargantuan Albert Einstein sticking-out-his-tongue bust? A women’s public restroom symbol imposed on a tall mirror? They’ve got you covered!

Beyond this unexpected entrance is a beautiful two-floor showroom with a variety of styles on display. Contemporary, eclectic, colourful, old Hollywood glam – there’s a lot to take in as you peruse each decorated space. They sell a wide array of large furniture (indoor and outdoor), art, textiles, decorations… this place is chock-full of unique pieces that we’re willing to bet nobody else is going to have.

Good for: flexing your personal style

Find store information here.

Pick 4-HEMA

HEMA carries all-things-practical in home goods, dishes and cookware, paper goods, office supplies, clothing, make-up, snacks and trinkets. With roots in Amsterdam, its design is characteristically Dutch: minimal and colorful.

Good for: filling the Target-shaped hole in your heart

Find store locations and hours here.

Pick 5- Casa Home

This is a lovely home decorating shop that just feels cozy. They sell seasonal decorations, textiles, dishware and cookware, small kitchen appliances, including some novelty items like a cake pop maker, small furniture, bathroom supplies, candles and a small plants section. They also sell pajamas, bathrobes and hot water bottles. This place literally has everything you need for your casa!

Good for: adding coziness to your home or for filling a last minute dinner party need

Find store locations and hours here.

Pick 6- Robin by Sherwood

If you’re familiar with Come à la Maison you likely know and possibly miss their amazing concept store Robin du Lac. Well luckily for you the goods have just moved to Strassen in a 1200 m2 showroom. This massive concept store has everything you need for jazzing up your dinner table to buying the perfect sofa. There’s lots of luxury, but if you’re looking for a deal thenyou can head a few buildings down to their outlet.

Good for: getting lost in luxury.

Find store information here.

Pick 7- Maisons du Monde

No matter what you like, it’s fairly certain you can find something at Maisons du Monde that suits your style. There is an expansive, two-floor shop in the Gare and also the Belle Etoile mall. Each shop is organized according to style; you’ll find traditional, contemporary, vintage, bohemian, shabby chic, industrial, romantic, and more, all coordinated into beautiful vignettes.

This home store, which translates to Houses of the World, really might have something for everyone in the world.  There is a vast selection of seasonal items, candles, dishware, luxurious textiles of all kinds, vases, lamps, wall hooks, baskets, large canvas art, wall clocks, and a small selection of unique furniture.

Good for: a wide range of design inspirations, beautifully presented

Find store information at their website here.

Pick 8- Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette is the perfect one stop shop for all of your housing needs. They have everything from household linens, storage, kitchen supplies, appliances and furniture. The store has several different styles including Mediterranean, French, Modern, Novelty, and everything gold, just to name a few. If you know you are ready for a change but don’t know where to start, this is the place to be!

Good for: Just browsing and leaving with more than you need.

For more information click here.

Pick 9- Oddhaus Vintage

This is one of our favorite vintage shops. They have styles ranging from Scandinavian Midcentury, Industrial Farmhouse, Cabinet of Curiosities, Bohemian to Retro. They are an online vintage shop based in Luxembourg selling products hand picked from France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Netherlands. Of course they have a show room which takes appointments so that you can see your visions come to life. Everything is affordable, unique and original to give you something that no one else will have!

Good for: Finding unique pieces to spice up your life.

Click here for more.

Pick 10- Nei Aarbecht

Another second hand favorite. They have a collection service where they will take any household items (furniture, household appliances, clothes, toys, dishes, books, knick-knacks etc.) free of charge. They then sell second hand items that always come in good condition and at a low price. Whether you are looking to get rid of some old things or try your hand at crafting up something new, this is the place for you!

Good for: Getting rid of a few things and replacing it with something new to you.

Click here for more.

Pick 11- Dorma Home

Dorma Home offers high quality pieces, the best level of interior design and reasonable prices. Dorma Home makes sure that everything is delivered within 2 weeks so that you don’t have to compromise between quality and timing. They provide a range of Scandinavian inspired home furniture and accessories. Their team made up of professionals is there to help with any and all interior design needs.

Good for: Starting to live in your new space right away!

For store information here.

Pick 12- Carrerouge

Carrerouge specializes in furniture, light fixtures and design. If you need lighting or just to get inspired, this is the place for you. Their lighting options range from floor lamps, table lamps, exterior lamps and of course ceiling lights. They have a large supply of outdoor furniture perfect to get your summer started. They always have different sales and promotions going on to make sure that you can get what you want at the price you need it.

Good for: Finding the perfect lighting for your new space.

Click here for more.

Pick 13- Envy Me Vintage

Envy Me Vintage is an Instagram account run by Catherine Charvat. She is a furniture hunter who can find anything you need. Catherine will find customer pieces for you or help you find what you are envisioning. Even if you don’t have anything in mind, give Catherine some guidelines and she will find you something you didn’t even know you needed.

Good for: Making all of your interior dreams come to life.

For her Instagram click here.

Pick 14- Reed and Simon

Reed and Simon has 2 show rooms in Luxembourg focusing on home and office design with some outdoor furniture options. They have professionals to help with both private and professional clients to create the perfect space catered to your needs. This is the perfect place for all of your office needs.

Good for: Redecorating your office (once you are back in it).

For more information click here.

Where are your favourite places to shop for your home? Let us know so we can add it to the list?