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A day in Berdorf/Beaufort, Itinerary

by Brynn Pierce

For our next itinerary, we are featuring Berdorf and Beaufort. These neighboring towns have so much to offer and explore! Here’s what we love:


Get a guided tour by booking in advance and learn about where water comes from through an exhibition with lots of interactive elements and take an elevator to the top for a beautiful view!

Address: 106a, rue de Consdorf, L-6551 Berdorf

Walking Trail

This 6.6km trail takes you through woods, valleys and amazing rock formations! The walk ends right by cheese and ice cream which is our next stop!

Address: Closest bus stop: Berduerf, Duerfplaz (50 m)
Closest parking lot: Duerfplaz or Centre Culturel (50 m)

Fromagerie Berdorfer

We love this shop. They have amazing fresh cheeses (we love the truffle Berdorder cheese) and ice cream options for the kids. What better way to end a hike than with ice cream and cheese!?

Address: Rue de Consdorf, 2 Berdorf, Luxembourg, 6551

Next we recommend taking a 15 minute car or bus ride to the town over, Beaufort!

Beaufort Castle

One of the many incredible castles in Luxembourg to visit. Due to restrictions you can only visit the Renaissance castle through a guided tour. The tours come in several languages and will help you learn the history of the estate. The medieval castle can be explored on your own or with a guide.

Address: 24, Rue du Château, L-6313 Beaufort, Luxembourg

Youth Hostel

If you want to make a staycation of your trip, the Youth Hostel is a great option (especially for families). The hostel has good food, a bowling alley and an indoor playground. It is in a great area surrounded with lots of other restaurants and small shops! You can also rent bikes from the hostel to explore the area!

Address: 55, route de Dillingen, L-6315 Beaufort

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