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Hello! I am Ichchha, a software engineer by profession along with a traveller and visual storyteller by heart! I’m also CSL’s newest contributor.

After I got married, I moved from India to Germany and now live in the Grand Duchy with my husband, who is also the best travel companion I could ever ask for!

No one saw this prolonged pandemic coming. COVID-19 has destroyed everyone’s travel plans all year long. But as they say, “every cloud has a silver lining“. We has time to discover our new home Luxembourg, a tiny country which is filled with an abundance of historical facets and beautiful nature. The historical background to the country makes it full of life and often leaves us feeling like we’ve time travelled back to the medieval era.

Exploring Lux

Here’s my list of the first 5 places we hit up when exploring beautiful Luxembourg! I hope they inspire you to get exploring!

1. Place d’Armes

As every other traveller, we started off exploring our new country by visiting Place d’Armes in the city center. We were lucky enough to visit it in December, as it was all lit up in a Christmas decor and the vibe was a pure bliss! Even though we were masked up, we felt pandemic-free in all the glitter and lights around us. In the summer, you’ll find plenty of terraces, good eats and a lively atmosphere!

2. Monument of Remembrance (Gëlle Fra)

We walked our way through all the medieval old town alleys, and we discovered The Monument of Remembrance often referred to as ‘The Golden Lady‘ (Gëlle Fra), . The monument, standing tall, reflecting the sunlight brightest in the beautiful golden hour is a war memorial in Luxembourg City dedicated to the thousands of Luxembourgers who served during the World Wars and the Korean War.

This square (Place de la Constitution) is the perfect place for a moment of reflection and also provide gorgeous views over the Pétrusse Valley and of the Adolphe Bridge.

3. Hosingen

On the next weekend, we treated ourselves with a fresh white snowy visit to Hosingen, in the northern part of Luxembourg. We went Parc Hosingen, and I was literally awestruck by the beautiful views of the partially frozen lake in the middle of the park and every branch of the tree, showering snow on us, as if it was some kind of a movie opening scene.

I can’t wait to discover the Parc’s ponds, arboretum and ecological center in the warmer seasons. There are also many walks with views over the valley of the Our and the Eifel hills with an amazing view from the top of the water-tower.

Interested in our winter trip, you can check it out here.

4. Vianden Castle

If you google “Luxembourg” Vianden is one of the first items that pops up on the list. After a bit of research we decided it was a must see. We were fascinated that such an ancient castle was so well maintained. For tips on exploring Vianden, read City Savvy’s Day in Vianden Guide, and here’s a video we made about our trip!

5. Cloche d’Or

I know, like me, there are plenty of readers who love to shop! So of course, one of my first places to discover had to be Luxembourg’s newest mall, Cloche d’Or. There are lot of options to explore; you’ll find fashion, delicious grub and of course the huge Auchan for all your grocery needs.

Getting used to our new life in Lux and meeting all the wonderful people around us has shown me that there’s a lot in store for us. I cannot wait to share my adventures with you!

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