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Bartek “Te Quiero. Take Me Home”, or how I released my debut EP

by Bartek Brzezinski

One afternoon in Amsterdam, sitting at a local café and waiting for lunch, I was interrupted by a lovely Dutch lady who was at the table next to me. “What are you doing in Amsterdam?”, she asked, to which I replied with a smile: “Do you really want to know?”. She nodded. “I’m studying music”, I said innocently and, as usual in such cases, I could almost hear her jaw drop to the floor. She scanned me quickly with her eyes, as if trying to asses my age and must have decided that I was simply another mid-life-crisis case. “Oh”, she said slowly and carefully, “So you chose to be happy”. Well, yes I did, I thought to myself, and gave her one of my best smiles.

The truth is, having concluded my career in financial services three years ago, I really didn’t know what to do. It might have been an early version of a mid-life crisis or just pure desperation, but when I saw an online ad of the Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam, my heart started racing. Switching careers in Luxembourg is difficult. No, excuse me, switching careers from business analysis to music production, in any location, is close to impossible. So, yes, I’d had my share of doubtful comments from friends and family, none of whom I really listened to, and I decided to take this unexpected turn and move on with my life.

Living away from home proved to be a challenging task, though. One full year of studying music in one of Europe’s greatest party cities made me realize how settled I had become in Luxembourg, and how much I missed it.

It was an unforgettable year. One that, looking back, I would never trade for anything else. It had literally changed my life. Well, more like turned it completely upside down, in a good sense, of course. The people I had met there, teachers and fellow students, suffice to say that just observing them was truly inspiring and what I’d learned became my new compass for life. Life full of music.

Fast forward to Luxembourg, a year and a half after the graduation. I am working in the local music industry and I’m about to release my debut EP. Recorded with some amazing singers and songwriters I met along the way, personally and online, it is the final step in my transformation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the same person and I still love my Excel spreadsheets. But, at the same time, going back to my previous life is not an option anymore. I guess that’s what happens to you, as the lovely Dutch lady said to me, when you “choose to be happy”.

So here it is, my debut EP. It is called “Te Quiero. Take Me Home” and it has just been released in all streaming services globally. I cannot explain to you how exciting and nerve-wrecking it is to share it with the world. So, all I’m asking is, please give it a listen and see if you can relate to these modern love stories. And, most of all, enjoy the ride as much as I do.

Thank you,

Give the EP a listen on Spotify by clicking here

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