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Become a REMIXER With Esch2022

by Hannah Sroka

Luxembourg’s very own Esch-sur-Alzette has been nominated to be the European Capital of Culture for 2022! Esch2022, an organization dedicated to promoting the culture of Esch and the surrounding region, is looking for more than 500 volunteers to assist with this project.

Volunteers, aptly dubbed “REMIXERS”, will be helping Esch2022 “remix culture”. REMIXERS can participate in many different areas, depending on their individual interests and experiences which can be indicated upon registration. Some of these areas include organizing events, guiding tours, making artistic contributions, or completing individual projects. Esch2022 encourages everyone to register, no matter your background, interests, or experiences! They believe that diversity is essential to representing the region properly.

“Involving citizens is an important part of our strategy for our European Capital of Culture,” said Nancy Braun, Esch2022’s general director. “Our volunteer community offers an excellent opportunity. Who better to introduce our region to our visitors than the local residents?”

REMIXERS will be properly trained with briefings and classes before their volunteer duties start in September. They will learn about the Esch2022 program, its events, and the region in general. “‘I participate and, as part of a large community, I contribute to shaping the culture of my home country’—that is the spirit we want to develop with the volunteers,” said Chris Welter, Esch2022’s volunteer coordinator.

To learn more—or to volunteer!—click here. We are very excited to see the REMIXER campaign evolve and can’t wait for what else Esch2022 has in store for everyone!

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