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Covid Friendly Family Weekend Activities

by Elfi Koufogeorgou

Remember when you were a child and you loved adventure? Playing outside with friends, looking into the evening sky and making a wish at the sight of a single falling star? This weekend TravelmatKanner and City Savvy Luxembourg want to take you back to your childhood and in the spirit of “covid19 safe” activities propose an evening/night family walk. 

As it gets darker earlier you can head out on Friday or Saturday night (with no early rise for school) and take your kids for an adventurous evening  walk. There is something so magical about stomping through the wilderness at night. Luxembourg’s small towns and villages are the perfect backdrop for such an evening escapade. 

First the essentials: Grab some flashlights and glow sticks, dress warm and hit the road!

Some of our top suggestions for family evening and night walks in Luxembourg are Vianden,  Esch-sur- Sure and Useldange. 

The Castle of Useldange by night is pure magic. The best spot to admire the site and to take photos is next to the little herb garden close to the main entrance. 

The magnificent castle of Vianden and the small town is also magnificent by night as you can see in this amazing photo by Tom Fielitz Photography!

Vianden and it’s castle during evening will amaze the children but also the adults! 

Children will be fascinated to walk holding the flashlights, realizing how different life is at night, admiring the illuminated castles and the lights of the houses as they shine through the night. 

Also, if you have a safe area in your neighborhood that you know well, this can be a great night walk (especially in fields). We tried it in our village and the kids loved it!  We put the glow sticks on the paved small road/path, checked small insects with the flashlights and played with hoola hops with led lights, making it a bit of a night party as you can see in the photos. 

If you prefer to stay in the city, Luxembourg looks amazing at night. Numerous buildings are illuminated so beautifully and the children will just love it, and I’m sure you’ll receive numerous requests for an encore!

If you’re not convinced that the night walk is for your family, here are some other daytime outdoor adventures you can enjoy this weekend!

The forest behind Sieweburen Hotel.  This forest is actually part of Bambesch forest, but is not as well known as the starting point of a wonderful walking path and numerous hiking trails. There are many different trails to choose from and it’s one of our favourite forests to explore. We always spot a lot of squirrels which my girls love!

You can find more detailed information about the different hiking trails in that area of Bambesch forest here.

For a less known location, we suggest the gardens Jardins de l’Europe/Jardins a Souivre (29 Rue de Binsfeld, 9912 Troisvierges). It is a beautiful garden for a nice, refreshing walk with the children. You’ll discover magnificent nature and will leave very relaxed. 

You can find more information here.

Enjoy the weekend safely and #keepexploring #keepdiscovering! For more ideas for making magic with kids, you can like and follow our partner TravelmatKanner  

Special THANK YOU to Photographer Tom Fielitz, you can follow his work here!

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