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November Holidays 2021

by Sarah Clinger

Now that spooky season is over, we can start to dive deep into the end of the year holiday season! From bonfire night, to Thanksgiving at the end of the month, there is something for everyone to celebrate!

  • November 1: All Saints’ Day
    • The origins of All Saints’ Day dates back to the 4th century in Greece. Traditionally, a festival is held on the Sunday following Pentecost to honor Saints and Martyrs. All Saints’ Day is sometimes referred to as All Hallow’s Day, Hallowmas, or Feast of Saints. This holiday is important to the Catholic Church, most members find themselves at church on this day reading the 8 blessings of the Beatitudes.

  • November 2: All Souls’ Day
    • The day after All Saints’ Day, Roman Catholics commemorate the ‘faithfully departed’ on a day named All Souls’ Day. The goal of this religious holiday is to remember and pray for souls in purgatory. In Luxembourg and Belgium, this holiday is observed and not regarded as a national holiday.

  • November 4: Diwali
    • Every year, millions of Hindus celebrate Diwali, known better as the festival of lights. This holiday lasts 4 to 5 days and encompasses festivals with fireworks and bright lights. The lights are used to wean off evil spirits and darkness. If you are not Hindu, you can still recognize this holiday by reading into the history, or lighting off a few fireworks! 

  • November 5: Bonfire Night
    • Early November is perfect to host a bonfire, so why not host one on National Bonfire Night! Grab a group of friends, go to the store to get snacks and drinks, and relax by a warm fall fire!

  • November 7: Daylight Savings (American Zone)
    • It’s fall, so it’s time to fall back an hour! If you have friends or family in the United States, remember that they will be 6 hours behind Europe again starting November 7th. Daylight Savings here in Europe occurred on October 31st.

  • November 11: French Armistice Day
    • This public holiday is usually celebrated in France, the day commemorates the ceasefire between France and Germany that finally ended World War I. Although this holiday remembers the end of a great war, it also commemorates the veterans who lost their lives in battle. 

  • November 25: Thanksgiving
    • Celebrated mainly in the United States, Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to what we have. Historically, this national holiday is based off a dinner between the Plymouth settlers and Native Americans who inhabited the lands. Most Americans celebrate this holiday with family and there is usually an abundance of savory food on the table, my family thanksgiving usually has enough for thirds!

  • November 26: Black Friday
    • The day after Thanksgiving is a day to shop until you drop. It used to only be celebrated in the US, but now many retail stores and businesses have big sales on this date in Luxembourg. A lot of individuals choose to do Christmas shopping on this date due to the crazy sales. The only way you can celebrate this holiday is to spend money, most businesses offer online and in-store deals!

  • November 27: Small Business Saturday
    • Right after Black Friday, you can go to your favorite local restaurant or café in order to celebrate Small Business Saturday. COVID-19 has impacted small businesses more than anything, and if you can spare a few euros after Black Friday, we recommend heading out and showing your support!

  • November 28: Hanukkah
    • Jewish individuals across the world celebrate Hanukkah, otherwise known as the ‘festival of lights’. This holiday remembers the rededication of the second Jewish temple located in Jerusalem. The holiday runs from November 28 until December 6 this year. Each night Jewish individuals light one more of the eight candles on the menorah, one fore each night of Hanukkah. Usually, families keep the menorah in a window until the commencement of the holiday. 

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