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Discover Luxembourg with Moyocci

by City Savvy Luxembourg
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, domestic tourism is more prominent than ever. Many residents in Luxembourg have decided it’s safer to stay at home and discover their own country. Luckily for us, there are so many wonderful places in Luxembourg, and Moyocci, the newest company of the Sales-Lentz Group has worked hard to come up with new ideas, activities and trips for your summer staycation!

While some of you might already know the tours in Luxembourg City like the sightseeing bus Hop On Hop Off  – City Line, and the touristic train Pétrusse Express, now there are even more options. If you’re yet to discover the north of the country, there is the Hop On Hop Off  – Nature and Castle Tour. You can also discover Luxembourg’s culinary world with its many local and international specialties with Dinner Hopping. Dinner Hopping is like tasting Luxembourg on wheels; in just one night, you will enjoy 3 courses from 3 different restaurants. 

Here’s a rundown of some different ways to discover Luxembourg this summer:

Option 1: Hop On Hop Off – City Line

What better way to discover the capital than from an open-top double-decker bus? The tour covers many of the more modern districts of Luxembourg City such as Kirchberg and Luxembourg’s European and Banking district. You’ll experience the most beautiful landmarks of the city and take in panoramic views as you cruise along in the fresh air.

The tour departs from Monterey Avenue, makes 8 stops and lasts around 1 hour. You’ll receive free headphones and an audio guide with 7 available languages.

More information and booking here.

Option 2: Pétrusse Express

This is the perfect tour for anyone interested in the history of Luxembourg. The route covers Luxembourg’s old town, navigating through its cute narrow alleys. The history of the former “Gibraltar of the North” will be brought to life while driving past the historical sites of the old fortress. Children especially love the storytelling aspect of the tour, with a grandfather telling stories to his grandchild.

In the past you weren’t able to hop off the tour, but this year 2 stops (Rives de Clausen & Rham Plateau) have been added. If you want to explore either area, you’re free to get off and you can hop on the next train 1 hour later!

Stop 1: Rives de Clausen

The so-called Rives de Clausen form a district of bars and restaurants established on the site of the former Luxembourg beer brewery “Mousel”. Situated along the Alzette, the Rives de Clausen appeals to a wide variety of tastes.

Stop 2:  Rham Plateau

The Rham Plateau proudly overlooks three sides of the Alzette valley and offers a stunning view of the old city of Luxembourg. It has been an integral part of Luxembourg’s fortifications since the 15th century and was later expanded by Vauban with four imposing military barracks. Currently, these military barracks are used as modern and comfortable housing for seniors. At this stop, you can stroll amongst the century-old plane trees, and walk up to the promontory behind the ruins of the four towers. Once at the top, you will have a breathtaking view of the old fortifications, the Holy-Ghost Citadel and the Corniche.

The tour departs from Montée de Clausen (close to the Bock Casemates) and lasts around 45 minutes. You’ll receive free headphones and an audio guide with 7 available languages.

More information and booking here.

Note: You can buy individual tickets for the Pétrusse Express OR combine tickets which include the Hop On Hop Off City Line. Moyocci also offers a special ticket which includes a ride on the Hop On Hop Off City Line, and a unique museum pass which gives you access to all of the 7 museums of Luxembourg City.

Option 3: Hop On Hop Off Nature & Castle Tour

Learn more about the history of Luxembourg from the Middle Ages to the modern age on board a convertible bus. You’ll experience the fascinating nature of the Mullerthal, “Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland”, and Vianden, the oldest city of Luxembourg.

This tour is a well-organized 8-hour day tour with a private, English speaking guide at the famous waterfall in the Mullerthal known as Schiessentümpel and in the Abbeytown Echternach. The ticket price also includes the entries to both the medieval castle of Beaufort and the castle of Vianden, which you are free to visit on your own during our 2-hour lunch break.

The tour departs from Monterey Avenue (Luxembourg City) with one departure per day (at 9:30am). You will receive free headphones and an audioguide (choice of EN, FR, DE). At the moment, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the tour is only available from Friday-Sunday with a maximum of 10 participants per tour.

More information and booking here.

Option 4: Dinner Hopping

Some of the most romantic sights of the city are best enjoyed over a delicious meal. That’s why the culinary experience Dinner Hopping has combined the two with a dinner tour of Luxembourg’s finest restaurants in an original American school bus.

Guests are welcomed with an Apéritif from the charming Dinner Hopping staff, and as soon as the bus departs the culinary journey begins. You’ll make three extended stops around Luxembourg City while your starter, main course, and dessert are served on board by the restaurant’s own waiters. You’ll see the most beautiful streets of Luxembourg City and its surrounding areas in a truly extraordinary way. 

You just need to choose a theme of your choice among our list of tours (get inspired by an American style menu with BBQ and Cajun spice, exotic Asian cuisine, and even a French gourmet menu by some of the finest restaurants the city has to offer) and then pick a date from our calendar that suits you. OR every first Friday of the month, Dinner Hopping offers a series of Special Tours that revolve around a special theme (September 18th is Quiz Night & October 2nd will be Ladies Night).

The bus seats a maximum of 28 people (during Corona times, a maximum of 20), where you can eat alongside couples and groups of all ages in an ambient atmosphere. Make the trip what you will: romantic, fun, or even a way to make new friends as you try a new dish at every stop. 

More information and booking here.

Facebook: @dinnerhopping.lu

Instagram: @dinnerhopping.lu  

Option 5: “Holidays at home” packages

With Corona emerged the hardest crisis that the tourism sector ever faced. Although we’re allowed to travel abroad again, going too far isn’t really recommended. So the Moyocci team sat down with their colleagues from the Sales-Lentz group travel and put together some great holiday packages with stays in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium or France.

Moyocci also wanted to ensure that whatever plan they came up with, local businesses, especially those from the HORESCA sector would be supported. The result is 15 exciting, adventurous, but also romantic holiday packages for singles, couples, or families that are looking for a short getaway. You can travel comfortably by car and each trip lasts between 3 and 5 days.

Most packages include the Luxembourg Card which gives you amazing discounts on many attractions within the country. The packages range from gastronomic dinner with multiple courses to several wellness offers such as sports activities like bicycle tours, golf or hiking.

Note: all these packages are on request.

More information and booking requests here.

Important note: masks are compulsory inside the tour vehicles, except for Dinner Hopping (like a restaurant, there’s no need to wear a mask while seated at your table).

*This post was sponsored by Moyocci*

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