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Europe Day – May 9th, 2021 – with Esch2022

by Brynn Pierce

Europe Day is quickly approaching on May 9th. Esch2022 is celebrating this historic day connecting the EU countries with their European identity. Here is more information on how you can celebrate!

Esch2022 is closely linked to European ideas. Their goal is to give people tools to mix with different cultures and communities.

Esch2022 merges the past, present and future of Europe for an intense cross-border exchange to share stories and experiences. In 1913, Luxembourg was one of the top ore iron producers in the world, attracting immigrants from all over Europe. This fueled Luxembourg’s economic and cultural diversity.

In their press release, Esch2022 discusses how COVID revealed the importance of community. The level of participation involved in the Esch2022 programs will lead to a greater sense of community and connection to European identity for everyone involved.

There are 2 other cities which hold the title of “European Capital of Culture in 2022”, Novi Sad and Kaunas. Exchanging ideas with these cultures will “shed light on the various facets of our European identity and thus to better understand our own identity.”

To learn more about European Day and ways you can celebrate click here! A great way to start is by learning about your culture and others through Esch2022!

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