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Experience “A French Summer in Luxembourg”

by Hannah Sroka

The Nosbaum Reding Gallery and the Fellner Contemporary Gallery are putting on their first joint exhibition: the “French Summer in Luxembourg”. It involves three Parisian galleries—The Lelong & Co. Gallery, the Bernard Jordan Gallery, and the Laurent Godin Gallery—that will be showcasing the works of different artists. The exhibition will be shown at the Marché aux Poissons galleries from June 17 until August 28.

Lelong & Co. is presenting the works of Jan Voss, whose art has been shown in Luxembourg before. Voss was born in 1936 in Hamburg, Germany, and he splits his time between Paris and Berlin. In his younger years, he would often confine himself to his Berlin studio while working, keeping himself largely separated from the rest of the world. His work is often inspired by language (particularly English), humor, and the hazards of life. This exhibition will be located in the main space of the Nosbaum Reding gallery.

Bernard Jordan’s exhibition will feature the works of Éric Poitevin, a photographer who has been featured in Luxembourg Art Week in the past. Poitevin’s first portraits were of World War I veterans in 1985, and his work continues to be inspired by endangered species, beings, or places. He is also inspired by the Meuse, where he currently lives. This exhibition will be located in the Fellner Contemporary gallery.

Finally, Laurent Godin is showing a group exhibition including artists Marc Couturier, Vincent Olient, Sylvie Auvray, Alain Séchas, Camila Oliveira Fairclough, and Philippe Durand. Each of these artists have distinct styles; Séchas, for instance, often incorporates humor, surrealism, irony, and existentialism in his work. Durand is a photographer who largely focuses on color and urban figures, and Olient combines the mystical and fanatical with the simple and universal. This exhibition will be located in the space of the Nosbaum Reding projects.

The joint exhibition is meant to further bring together Luxembourgish and French culture and encourage collaboration between the arts. Many of these artists have connections to Luxembourg despite not working or living here, and by showcasing their incredible work and talent, the Nosbaum Reding and Fellner Contemporary galleries hope to strengthen these connections or even create new ones. This is a great chance to look at some beautiful, moving artwork, while learning about the artists in the process, and we encourage everyone to visit!

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