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Outdoor Autumn Activities in Luxembourg

by Sarah Clinger

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a lot of implications on society, including our physical and mental health. In order to help you stay healthy and happy we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite fall activities. From hiking to boating, golf and more you’ll find that Luxembourg offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for everyone.

Hiking Trails

  1. Hike the Mullerthal Trail B 
  • This trail is situated between Beaufort and the Valley of the Sûre. On this hike you can see the medieval castle in Beaufort, the ancient quarry in Dillingen, and beautiful views of the Sûre when passing through Bigelbach. This trail is 13km in length, and it is ranked with a medium difficulty. This trail is a part of the larger Mullerthal trails that span a total of 112km.
  1. Hike the Mullerthal Trail Route 3
  • Similar to the trail mentioned above, this trail is also a part of the larger Mullerthal trails. A good starting point for this trail is Mullerthal, once there we recommend heading south towards Breidweiler. Heading south allows you to see the famous Schéissendëmpel waterfall and the Kallektuffquell, a crystal clear travertine source. If you decide to go north from Mullerthal towards Beaufort you can see the Beaufort castle where you can make a pitstop to try the cassero liqueur made in the castle! This trail is 38km total, and is ranked with a medium difficulty. 
  1. Hike the National Hiking Trail “Clervaux-Our”
  • This footpath is 15km in total, it starts in Clervaux and ends at the German border. This footpath is ranked as easy and is the ideal hike for families! On this hike you can expect great views of the Ardennes.
  1. Hike the National Hiking Trail “Path of the Minerworkers”
  • This trail located in the Base-Chiers region of Luxembourg is perfect for history lovers. This southern region of Luxembourg used to be the most important industrial region of the country due to the mines located here. On this 29km hike you can expect to see old mining towns, railroad heritage, green forests, and charming streams. The trail starts in Lasauvage and works its way through Petange, Niedercorn, and Differdange.

Golf and Minigolf

  1. Mini Golf Clervaux 
  • This 18 hole minigolf course is located at the campground in Clervaux. This activity is perfect for friends and family outings. 
  1. Mini Golf Remich
  • Like the course in Clervaux, this one also has 18 holes. This course is situated right next to the Moselle river, the perfect combination of fun and nature!
  1. Lux Golf Center Kockelscheuer
  • The Lux Golf Center Kockelscheuer is located in Leudelange. This center is open year round and offers a driving range as well as equipment rental!
  1. Golf de Luxembourg Junglinster
  • This 18 hole golf course is located in Junglinster, the par for this course is 72 and 73. This course offers greens where you can practice chipping, putting, and hitting targets. This course is challenging and incorporates many natural obstacles including: 3 lakes, 2 humid areas, and 1 stream. Along with the course, they also offer lessons and have a clubhouse, caddie room, pro-shop, bar, and restaurant you can enjoy before or after your round of golf!
  1. Golf Club Grand Ducal Senningerberg
  • This golf course and club is located near the Findel airport right outside of Luxembourg City. This club does require memberships, but Monday through Friday they accept green fees and non-members can book tee times. The course is composed of 18 holes and 6 short holes. After around of golf, you can enjoy the bar located on site, unfortunately the restaurant is only open to members of the club.  

Water Activities 

  1. Canoe and Kayak in Dillingen
  • Enjoy views of the Moselle river while kayaking or canoeing! This activity is perfect for families looking to get out of the house, just remember to bring your lifejacket! 
  1. Diving in Lultzhausen 
  • In North-west Luxembourg you can dive all year round in the sub-aquatic fauna located at the Upper-Sûre Lake in Lultzhausen. You will need a diving permit for this activity, but once you are certified, you can take the plunge!
  1. Fish at the Vianden reservoir, the fishponds in Boulaide, the Sûre river, or Lake Echternach 
  • Luxembourg is home to many different types of fish including; trout, pike-perch, eel, carp, and many others. Annual fishing permits are required to fish in the Vianden reservoir and possibly other locations may need this as well. To start the application process for a Luxembourg fishing permit click here.
  1. Canoe and Kayak in Lultzhausen
  • The youth hostel in Lultzhausen organizes canoeing and kayaking trips by request, these trips do include trainers! At this location equipment can be rented on site, so do not worry about bringing your own!

Other outdoor activities

  1. Hot Air balloon ride in Luxembourg
  • Located in the south east of Luxembourg in the city of Altweis, New Spirit offers hot air balloon rides that take you over the beautiful countryside! The company offers 4 different sized balloons, the largest holding up to 11 people. This activity is perfect for a group of friends or a family outing, just make sure no one is afraid of heights! What is good about this activity is that it can be done year round if the weather is permitting. Each passenger on the flight receives a glass of crèmant and a certificate from the pilot, for more information visit their site here.
  1. Frisbee Golf 
  • This frisbee golf course is located in the municipality of Junglinster and in the city of Bourglinster. The course is composed of 8 holes and is open year round. This activity would be perfect for friends and family looking for a little bit of outdoor competition, just remember to bring your own frisbee, as they are not provided. 
  1. Horseback Riding
  • You can go horseback riding in a number of locations around Luxembourg, including: Grevenmacher, Esch-sur-sûre, Greiveldange, Heisdorf, Hollenfels, Mamer, and Nommern just to name a few. These trips are usually guided and take you through woods, streams, and the hills of Luxembourg.
  1. Ice Park
  • The ice park located in Beaufort is the oldest outdoor rink in Luxembourg. The season is expected to start on October 30, 2021 and do not worry about bringing your own skates, rentals are available on site!
  1. Parachuting / Skydiving
  • The Para Club Luxembourg located at the Noertrange air-field near Wiltz offers skydiving and parachuting. The company offers one time jumps, as well as training, and once certified you can complete solo dives for a low price. This activity is perfect for individuals looking for an adrenaline rush. For more information check out their website here.
  1. Trampoline Park
  • Located at Lake Echternach, this trampoline park is composed of 10 normal trampolines and 4 bungee trampolines. These trampolines can be reserved for groups or parties at any time! This activity would be great for families and birthday parties.
  1. Outdoor Skateparks 
  • Outdoor skateparks are located all around Luxembourg, they can be found in: Luxembourg City, Echternach, Dudelange, and Schifflange. This activity is perfect for a group of friends looking to get out of the house, or individuals looking to improve their kickflip.

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