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The 37th edition of the Festival des Migrations, des cultures et des la citoyenneté organized by CLAE, was held last weekend -28th and 29th February and 1st March 2020- at LuxExpo The Box.


During this Festival, LuxExpo became a Pangea, a space without geographical and political borders, a place for debate, dialogue and a place for comparison among different cultures.

“Don’t call it a multicultural festival, but an intercultural festival, for those who want to grasp the deeper meaning of this event.”

Festival Coordinator Jean Philippe Ruiz said.

The Festival displays the beautiful adventure of humanity that we discover together, walking through the stands, listening to different music, stories and memories of different, but united peoples.

The Festival has the aim of exporting the value of this great event beyond Luxembourg’s borders. Thus providing a model of coexistence and at the same time preparing a multinational state like Luxembourg for the creation of a fairer and supportive society, resolving cultural and social conflicts.

At the event

In this edition, it was possible to visit more than 400 stands representing a part of the associative world of the Grand Duchy. Throughout the weekend, visitors could catch dance performances, concerts, art exhibitions and more in the halls at Luxexpo.

The 37th Festival des Migrations des Cultures et de la Citoyenneté was an opportunity for these individual cultures to shine, to show what makes them tick and be loud and proud about their roots.

For more info about next edition please check www.clae.lu

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