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Immaculate Cleaning Service: Sent From Heaven

by City Savvy Luxembourg

Mariette Rodrigues, the director of sales ‘Immaculate Cleaning Service,’ is a woman of many questions.

When she first meets a client, she begins with the question: When cleaning your house, what is the thing you despise doing the most? The most tedious, the grossest, whatever the dreaded household chore that you dislike doing, she is eager to hear.

Mariette listens and then says ‘I’m here to help you so that you can be doing something else.’

This is music to the ears of any overworked parent whose feels there are simply not enough hours in the day so ‘something else’ might mean that time after work can be spent playing Connect Four with the kids instead of scrubbing the grout in the bathroom with a toothbrush. It means that perhaps a parent could even do something crazy like read a book?

I asked her what cleaning tasks people claim to hate the most. The answer: vacuuming and bathrooms and kitchen ovens among many others… I wouldn’t mind if it were my own bathroom, however, I share ‘said’ bathroom with a man and two baby men. No woman should have to see what I have seen after the gastro virus has whipped through our household. Reinforcements must be called in immediately which is the glory behind Immaculate.

One phone call to Mariette and you might have well have your Fairy Godmother on speed dial. She will talk you out of setting your whole house on fire and send you her staff member who is the best able to handle you and your nerves. 


Immaculate sends you professional cleaners who are brisk as well as careful.  They organize. They know, A, B, and C needs to get done and exactly how long a task will take and foremost respect your home privacy. I’m slow. Very slow. In order to actually clean my house, it would take around 4 days. But the sad fact is that no one is paying me and while my personality is priceless, the truth is those would be 4 days of my life I wouldn’t spend playing with my kids or reading any such book.

The glory of Immaculate is that there is no contract, so you can freeze or stop at any time and Mariette tells me that the reality is that people are often unaware of how long a job will take. She’s gone into apartments where their previous cleaning service told them they needed 3 and a half hours when she knows for a fact that one of her employees can have it done less time.

Why You Need a Cleaner

You might not realize but according to statistics, people in Luxembourg work longer hours than they do in Germany and France and we could all use a bit of help.  We often feel guilty about hiring a cleaner when we feel like we should just get on with it as our parents did when we were growing up.

It’s funny that we might have guilt about hiring someone to do a chore we hate and yet, we don’t feel guilty about going to a restaurant when we could just as easily cook ourselves or paying an electrician to rewire a lamp.


I ask Mariette what should someone expect to pay? She explains it varies on the agreed time of cleaning as well on the client budget. It is a must for Mariette to visit your home and on her visit, she will give you her cleaning offer according to her professional experience.  By using Immaculate, you are getting support and flexibility and if you are going away for a month, and urgent matter that you need cxl, just tell her and you don’t pay for cleaning you don’t need.  

Expat Renters

95% of her clients are expats renting and Immaculate specializes in Moving in/ Moving out cleaning. She knows the questions to ask and finds out what is required on the lease. She will even take a look at your lease to explain what must be done. She will arrange for professional window cleaning in addition to cleaning your kitchen exhaust hood. She even gets her clients painters or other repairs services. Quality and follow up is what sets Immaculate apart.

Why Choose a Professional Service?

I ask her what are the dangers of word of mouth cleaners and why we should use a large-scale service as opposed to an independent? She mentions Insurance, sick leave, vacation pay and a big one in Luxembourg: maternity leave. If you don’t feel your property has been cleaned appropriately and she needs to come back to the house, she will redo the cleaning on the areas that were missed. You can even say ‘I’m not entirely happy with the cleaner- I want someone else. There is no commitment.

 Customer Service Sets Immaculate Apart

After working in hospitality in the United States for 8 years, Mariette understands something that is lacking in Luxembourg: CUSTOMER SERVICE, FOLLOW UP and first and foremost COMMUNICATION about what you need from a cleaning service.

With Immaculate, you get PEACE OF MIND.

Immaculate: It is not just cleaning. It is asking what do you need and what would you prefer to be doing? Their quality is from beginning to end and as an added bonus, your sanity is saved.

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