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How to Ask Your Valentine Out – in Luxembourgish

by Liz Wenger
Valentines in Luxembourg

Valentine’s day is tomorrow and maybe you want to take this opportunity to ask your secret crush out on a date. Trouble is, secret crush is Luxembourgish and their English isn’t great. The ultimate romantic gesture? Use Luxembourgish – the language of love!

The Preparation

Let’s start with the basic preparations that you need to make in advance of the big day. For your secret crush or your partner, you will definitely need a card (eng Kaart), flowers (Blummen) and chocolates (Knippercher).

Step 1: eng Kaart

You can buy the card in many places of course but two of my favourite places are the book stores libo (11, rue du Fort Bourbon, Luxembourg) and Ernster (27, rue du Fossé, Luxembourg).


Ech bréicht eng Valentinskaart w.e.g. = Literally: I would need a Valentine’s card please.

Step 2: Blummen

I would definitely buy flowers from a flower store (Blummebuttek), you will get a much nicer presentation than any gas station could ever give you and you can have them delivered right to your chosen one. Again, there are many gorgeous independent flower stores in Luxembourg, I personally recommend Artichok in Lorentzweiler.


Ech bréicht e Blummebouquet fir Valentinsdag w.e.g. = Non-literally: Could I have a flower bouquet for Valentine’s day please?

Step 3: Knippercher

You are spoiled in Luxembourg when it comes to chocolates! I think you will get the best price at Leonidas, for example at 99, Grand-Rue in Luxembourg. If you’re looking to take your date to the chocolates rather than the other way around, nothing beats the experience at the Chocolate House across from the Palace in downtown Luxembourg.


Ech bréicht eng Këscht Knippercher w.e.g. = Could I have a box of chocolates please?


Asking Your Date Out

Ok, so the preparations are covered, but now comes the part that needs some courage, asking your Valentine out. My recommendation would be to do this in Luxembourgish, for two reasons: you will get major brownie points for speaking this niche language (“Wow, you’re smart!”) and it simply shows that you care. Of course, if neither of you are Luxembourgish, you can always do it for giggles (“Wow, you’re funny!”).

So how do you ask someone out in Luxembourgish?

Situation 1: the secret crush

Maybe it’s the cute guy at the office who caught your attention or maybe it’s a friend’s friend who won you over with her gorgeous smile. Either way, you want to keep it short and casual. Pretend you have to leave to catch a bus so neither of you are stuck in an awkward situation. And then, just ask!


 Wëlls du eppes mat mir drénke goen? Do you want to go for a drink with me?

Kann ech dech op en Iessen alueden? Can I invite you to a dinner?

Wéi wier et dëse Freiden? How about this Friday?

Situation 2: the love of your life; your partner

You have been telling your love for weeks that you don’t have time to do something on Valentine’s day, while secretly planning the best Valentine’s day ever!

On Friday afternoon, call your partner and tell them that you have made arrangements with work and can take them for a romantic stroll in the evening, but that you have to return to work after that. You may have noticed that Luxembourg is THE place for romantic strolls pretty much anywhere, but here is one possible plan:

Meet your partner at Parking Saint-Esprit  and start making your way over the Viaduc (breathtaking views from this bridge) towards Hôtel Sofitel Le Grand Ducal (40, Boulevard d’Avranches, Luxembourg).  Say:


Ech hunn eng Iwwerraschung fir dech! I have a surprise for you!

Kann ech dech op eng Coupe Schampes alueden? Can I invite you for a glass of champagne?

Then go up to the Restaurant L’Etoile du Top Floor at the Sofitel and enjoy the stunning night-time views of the city.


Situation 3: hello good-looking at the bar

Maybe you have decided to go to a bar or club on Valentine’s day to see if you could meet the future love of your life. And indeed, someone beautiful is sitting on a stool at the bar and texting away. You have to get that phone number!

Make your way over to them and wave the bartender to you. Order your drink then look over to your person of interest and say:


Hey, wéi geet et? Hey, how are you?

Wat drénks du? What are you drinking?

Wéi heeschs du? What’s your name?

Ech heeschen… My name is…

Schéin dech kennen ze léieren. Nice to meet you.

Ech treffe mech an zwou Minutte mat Kollegen, mee ech géing dech gären erëm gesinn. Kann ech deng Nummer kréien?

I’m meeting some friends in two minutes but I’d like to see you again. Can I have your number?


And there you go! Three happy scenarios to make for a memorable Valentine’s Day!

Vill Spaass beim Flirten! Happy Flirting!


Copyright 2014:Liz Wenger
Photo: Brigitte Tohm/unsplash
Please note that the author is not affiliated to any of the places recommended.

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