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How to spend time with your family in a safe and creative way during Luxembourg’s school holidays! (when most traveling or activities are cancelled).

by Elfi Koufogeorgou

Parenting during a pandemic is not easy; it’s new to all of us and can be hard both on our physical and mental health.

TravelmatKanner was created with the aim to give you ideas on activities and travels you can enjoy as a family most of which have been tried and tested before and we are sooo excited about our cooperation with City Savvy Luxembourg.

In addition, due to the fact that neighboring countries are in lockdown or restrict movement, this is a great opportunity to explore Luxembourg and its magnificent nature .

We are happy to share some ideas on how to spend time with your family in a safe and creative way during this week of Luxembourg school holidays.

There are of course numerous hiking trails in Luxembourg; you can find a lot of hiking ideas in official websites like:  https://www.visitluxembourg.com/en/what-to-do/nature-tours/hiking-luxembourg

However, here we would like to highlight few of our favorite spots and maybe not so well known to the expat families that you can enjoy safely during the pandemic and hopefully before a new lockdown is announced.

1. Harebesch near Koerich.

This forest is like a nature museum. Hit by a storm some years ago, many trees were destroyed. A decision was taken to leave the trees as is, and monitor the progress that the nature itself is making to recover. Most trees look like giant sculpture creations and will definitely wow both adults and kids.

The hiking trail is quite long and not suitable for strollers in most parts, therefore we highly suggest you to contact the address noted here for information before visiting:


If you love horses, periodically Frauke Rost www.fraukerost.lu organizes walks with horses for families in Harebesch Forest in a shorter hiking path. Please contact directly info@fraukerost.lu for more information. 

2.  Lake Remerschen

Surprisingly enough although the spot is more known during summer as you can actually swim there, there is a little natural paradise to discover as well during autumn and winter.

You may combine with a visit to the Biodiversum Nature Reserve as well, but if you want to avoid indoors for the know reasons of covid19 there is a beautiful hiking trail around the lake with beautiful sceneries, a calmness like no other; you and the children can observe the ducks and the birds that are in the lake, admire the wooden architecture of Biodiversum where you can speak about the possibilities to make our building more nature compliant.

Detailed information can be found here: 


3. Alpaka Trekking 

One of our favorite activities outdoors was the Alpaca Trekking in Hovelange offered by a very nice family owning an educational farm. Daniele the owner would be happy to explain everything you need to know about these beautiful animals while you walk in the nature with them. It’s indeed one of the most amazing things we tried as a family in Luxembourg. The hiking trail where Daniele is taking you is absolutely beautiful with difference sceneries exchanging.

For information visit the website: https://www.alpakatrekking.com/kontakt1.html and email: freylinger-klein@hotmail.com 

4. An artistic stroll at Kahler village.

Kahler village is a live museum, urban street art museum.

Kids will love to see the graffiti’s on the walls of houses and farms, the colors and designs and who knows …maybe they will want to learn more about the art of graffiti. The playground of the small town is also quite nice. Kahler has also a nice small movie theater cinema!

5.  Behind the Aquarium in Wasserbillig there is a beautiful path next to the river where you can also bring the stroller.

It is very nice, you walk next to the river, green grass where kids can run, play and there is even a nice playground to enjoy just before you reach the Aquarium. 

6. By the not so well known Hollenfels Castle with the great views and nature there is a nice green park with a wooden structure for kids to play, in summer it’s beautiful but also in autumn makes a great spot to enjoy and why not discover this area of Luxembourg that is not so well known.

It is difficult to explain in words how beautiful the Hollenfels castle location is. You will realize it once you are there. Don’t miss to go at the balcony on the left side of the castle and enjoy the breathtaking view. 

While in nature , you can also try some nice activities like:

1. Nature Photography; Grab your camera and make the most beautiful photos of your children and you and why not let the children take photos of what fascinates them. 

2. Easy construction with natural materials or making faces with leafs. Kids will love this, as it involves creativity, imagination and lots of laughs.

3. Mushrooms magical world – mushrooms are currently in the forests – please do not touch them or eat them if you are not familiar with the different species, you can always look at them and make nice magical photos. 

4. Collect leafs for some nice arts and crafts to do at home ; leafs are great to paint on them, use them as decorations on paper or even make natural confetti with a hole puncher.

5. Observe snails and other nice insects and bugs, kids love doing this.

We learn to value and respect the nature if we are given the opportunity to do so from a young age, plus the natural world fascinates children and is the best “school” to increase curiosity and learning!

We wish you a magical and safe week!

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