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Luxembourg’s first farm for miniature donkeys

by Elfi Koufogeorgou
TravelmatKanner had the pleasure to visit the first breeders of registered micro mediterranean miniature donkeys in Luxembourg and speak to Linda who owns the farm with her husband. 

The farm is located in a beautiful setting by the forest near Platen, Luxembourg. With origins in Sicily, these absolutely adorable animals are the most amazing stress relief medicine you will find.

No wonder these beautiful donkeys are also considered therapy animals.

Not much bigger than a golden retriever , they immediately ”speak” to your heart with their cuteness. 

Linda explains that they make the perfect companion for families and individuals, walking next to them in the forest is a magical experience and help you deal with daily stress and anxiety. Linda also states her and her husband’s expectation in future owners include the sense of donkeymanship . 

Once the COVID situation is better, Linda will be organizing children birthday parties at the farm. 

Children will have an amazing time with the donkeys in beautiful nature while enjoying the benefits of being around Piso, Biscuit, Hope and the rest of the group. 

Needless to say when I was there, I had the pleasure to experience myself the feeling of happiness, calmness and the beauty of these unique animals.  Indeed one of the best stress relief medicines. 

You can contact Linda and the farm for more information via her Facebook page.

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