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by Meredith Moss
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How did you spend your Saturday afternoon in Luxembourg?

If you were one of the LUCKY FEW who snagged a TEDx Luxembourg ticket, you would have spent the afternoon basking among creative geniuses receiving inspiration through talks about an enormous range of topics while taking breaks to discuss and sip cocktails made with Mellis Honey Schnapps and dining on a gourmet spread. This was not your average Saturday in Lux. 

The short, yet powerful talks ranged from the creation of smart cities, to finding success by trusting your human instinct.  The topic of how to reach children of war torn countries was addressed as were large scale global issues which will both greatly impact our future.

As varied as they were, the one thread that ran through each of the talks was that they all contained ideas which were impossible to leave behind.

There is a magic that takes place at these Tedx events and no matter the topic, in an age when more people than ever are socially isolated, hearing someone live on stage who is passionate about sharing their ideas leaves a mark.  In two days,  I’ve revisited three of the subjects, either with friends or in my own head. 

It’s a million-year-old format that we tend to forget in the smart phone dominated world, but I couldn’t be more grateful to have been one of the lucky few who got to be a part of it. 

Fingers are crossed that organizer Dirk Daenen will be back next year with another event. A polished storyteller, Dirk embodies the TED spirt, and a calm MC at heart, no matter the obstacle, nothing seemed to phase him. His poise and warmth made it blatantly obvious that he’s been testing his narratives for years in front of smaller, possibly less well interested audiences. (Dirk mentioned he was a teacher, afterall!)

My hope is that TEDx will return to Luxembourg next year and I also can’t help but hope that it will keep its home at the gorgeous Neimënster Abbey- a place that also represents creative innovation embodied in a gem of a space.  No longer is the focus on its harsh history, (it had one of the worst reputations in Europe for inmate conditions while it existed as a prison for 200 years), through a beautiful restoration and a talented team who run it,  it breaths new life and attracts some of the most fascinating and creative talent which comes to Luxembourg. The perfect place to spend an exhilarating Saturday in Luxembourg.



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