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This Weekend – Transition Days 2021!

by Hannah Sroka

Transition Days 2021 is rapidly approaching! This is a bi-annual festival that was first founded in 2018; due to the pandemic, the 2020 festival had to be held as a series of virtual events over the course of nine months. It’s coming to an end this weekend with in-person events! Stop by the Carré in Luxembourg-Hollerich on Friday, June 11, through Sunday, June 13, for different performances and workshops!

You don’t need to have attended last year’s events to participate in any activity this weekend! Participants will expand on the knowledge they gained over the past nine months, learn about new topics, exchange ideas with new people, and make lots of friends! They’ll be doing this through group discussions, presentations from experts, workshops, and even a film screening and concerts.

The festival will kick off with a workshop called “Oser franchir le pas!”, which focuses on overcoming barriers to make our work meaningful. It takes place from 4 PM to 6 PM and will be in French. You can also catch “Intro to Composing with Worms”, a crash course in French, at 4:15! Or, you can attend another French crash course at 5:30 about the impact of companies like Google and Microsoft, as well as ways the relationship between online data and our ecological footprint. Then, in the evening, stop by for “A nos choix!”, a theatrical conference, and “MA2 Experience,” a music and dance performance!

Saturday’s events are a series of workshops about things like painting with vegetable scraps, finding well-being with your mind, and learning how to love physical activity. You can also catch “Intro to Composting with Worms” if you missed it Friday night! In the afternoon and evening, stop by for “Eng Äerd” (a film screening at 6:00 PM) and “Seed to Tree” (a concert at 10:00 PM)!

Finally, the festival wraps up on Sunday with some more crash courses and workshops. This is your last chance to attend “Intro to Composting with Worms”! You can also learn how climate change works and how to make your own toothpaste. At 10:30 AM, catch “Discover Butoh Dance”, where you’ll learn how to make and discover body expressions from a dancer and a double bassist. You can celebrate the festival’s conclusion by attending “Itinerantes Jam Session”, a music event that seeks to blend aspects of music from different cultures.

For a full list of all the workshops, crash courses, and events the festival is holding, click here!

We think this is an incredible way to raise awareness of issues such as sustainability, responsibility, and what we can to do make the world a better place for future generations. We hope to see you there!

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