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Interview with comedian, Nick Guerra

by Meredith Moss

I might have a new best friend in Nick Guerra. He is performing Friday night so buy tickets. Read below and understand why I’m in love with this comedian….and it’s not only because he began the interview by complementing me. ‘These are way better than most interview questions. I hate answering the whole “how did you get into comedy” questions.’

If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

They would assume I convinced a crowd of people to go streaking after my show. One of my favourite comedy stories is the one where Steve Martin convinced the audience at one of his shows to follow him to McDonald’s and ordered one fry. I would love to have a connection with a crowd where we’ve all agreed to have a great night. That or for sneaking into a concert and getting snacks from the backstage. 

What are the three best things about you that you wouldn’t put in your bio on a dating profile?

I like bingeing trashy reality shows. I jam to K-pop. And I know that I am on the top 3 of most of my pay lovers’ list. Ha ha, I think. 

Choose one. What is your most embarrassing moment from high school/ being on stage/ going through customs? 

There was a moment in high school where I had just broken up with my first girlfriend. She moved on really quick and I saw her with her new boyfriend. I cried and ran from them. I wanted people to see me be hurt. So dumb. 

What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence?

The first building Donald Trump ever built. I think that would bother him so much he’d melt into a puddle of orange spray tan liquid.

Would you go streaking across the field at a sporting event for a thousand dollars, even if there was a 50/50 chance you could get caught?

10 years ago, yes. Now I’m not in ‘run across a field shape’. And an exhausted naked man is the saddest thing ever. 

What do you think is the greatest invention of all time?

A bottle top. That changed all of history. You can carry anything liquid with you. That’s all we really needed to become good explorers.

Making an exceptional appearance in Lux, jumping over the pond from Hollywood, check out Nick Guerra’s show – BTW- Guerra is an audience favourite from NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, made his TV debut on Comedy Central with Gabriel Iglesias’ “Stand up Revolution”, and did we mention he was on late night- “Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon and can be seen on HBO’s “Entre Nos” series??

See him on Friday, November 8th at 8pm at Aalt Stadhaus in Differdange

More info here.

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