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Hard Truths

by Jessika Maria Rauch

When pictures are worth a thousand words…

This prize-winning photographer from the New York Times speaks ‘Hard Truths.’  An exhibition at Cercle Cité (until 27 January 2019).

Art isn’t always accessible.  But when it is photography that shows a piece of reality, a very true piece of it, understanding feels quite natural and the connections can be made. This truth can be hard to look at and makes it hard to look away. Photography from the New York Times is known for being of a highest quality. It’s authentic, it’s courageous, it’s merciless.  

Cercle Cité Luxembourg in collaboration with FEP- Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography and the New York Times present the exhibition Hard Truths: An exhibition of prize-winning photography from The New York Times.

These photos are carefully selected works by the photojournalists Daniel Berehulak, Ivor Prickett, Meridith Kohut, Newsha Tavakolian and Tomas Munita. They have been chosen to travel around the globe and direct our attention to people suffering from political, human and economical crisis. Those journalists witnessed social and individual tragedies and captured the truth by taking great personal risks.

‘We need these images to help us understand our complicated world, to add emotion to the intellectual debates of our time. If a reporter gives voice to the voiceless, a photojournalist provides the body and the place that gave rise to that voice,’ say the curators and co-curators.

Hard Truths has been co-curated by David Furst of The New York Times and Arthur Ollman from the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography and has been produced by the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography, Minneapolis/New York/ Paris/Lausanne, in collaboration with Cercle Cité – Luxembourg City.

*Please note that some images may offend/confuse the sensibilities of the younger audience.

Cercle Cité2 Rue Genistre, 1623 Luxembourg (city centre in Place d’armes)

Opening Hours:

Everyday from 11am to 7pm – Free admission – (24.12 & 31.12 > 11am-3pm – Closed on 25.12 & 01.01)

Free Guided Tour every Saturday at 3pm:

24.11 (FR), 01.12 (ENG), 08.12 (LU), 15.12 (ENG), 22.12 (FR), 29.12 (ENG), 05.01.2019 (LU), 12.01.2019 (FR), 19.01.2019 (ENG), 26.01.2019 (FR).

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