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All out of fresh ideas for in-home entertainment? We’ve got you covered with all of your quarantine needs for your family.

Pick One: Try a new recipe

Balancing work and family life is a challenge, which can make it easy to get lazy in the kitchen. Being stuck at home brings the opportunity to get more adventurous with your cooking. Get the whole family involved and create some good tasting memories to last a lifetime.

Check out some of our favorites from Anne’s Kitchen
Fish Tacos
Bread Dumplings
Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches

Pick Two: Watch your favorite childhood movies

Take the time you have at home to be teleported back into your childhood with a nostalgic movie marathon! This is an activity that will be sure to strengthen bonds between parents and children. Make this a fun activity for the whole family by having everyone choose their favorite film.

Pick Three: Start a new TV series

There are plenty of shows on streaming platforms that are totally binge worthy. Head over to Netflix or your preferable streaming service and get watching! Some of our personal favorites on Netflix are Jane the Virgin, The Office, Working Moms, Babies, The Goop Lab and How I Met Your Mother.

Pick Four: Start a fitness routine

It is more important now than ever to stay healthy in body, mind and soul. Stay active by setting a daily goal for physical activity in your home. A productive workout can be done from anywhere, not just the gym. Here are some of our favorite at-home fitness programs that we recommend trying:

Yogaloft is currently doing virtual classes
Fitness Blender

Pick Five: Learn a new language

The best way to immerse yourself in a new culture is to learn the language! Take this time of being stuck in Luxembourg to expand your communication abilities. Maybe even pick a language that you have genetic ties to, and become a little bit close to your relatives and ancestors.

Looking for a free tool? Check out Duolingo
Willing to pay? Check out Rosettastone

Pick Six: Tour a Museum

Embrace your love for all kinds of art by going on tours of art museums all over the world! A range of museums have made this possible without leaving the comfort of your own home. Now you can tour great art museums like the Musée d’Orsay virtually through their websites. Click here to learn more.

Pick Seven: Go to the Opera

Take a night to yourself to get all dressed up and go to the opera! Due to the coronavirus, the Metropolitan Opera is doing a series of opera streams for your entertainment. The series can be watched from a smart TV and it will begin with Bizet’s Carmen.

Click here for more information.

Pick Eight: Take a masterclass

This is the perfect time for you to immerse your brain to learn things that you haven’t had the time for. There are plenty of online resources that will provide you with master instruction in various topics.

Here are some of the online master classes that we recommend:

For kids, Scholastic is offering free courses
For adults, Coursera is offering free courses. If you’re feeling creative checkout Brit + Co courses who are offering free courses through March (just use the code SELFCARE at checkout)!

Pick Nine: Start journaling or meditation

Life can become overwhelming at times and one way to combat this is to process your emotions. Journaling and meditation go hand in hand and they are the perfect solution for taking control of your spirit. Some of our favorite tools for journaling and meditation are…
These prompts from Psych Central
Free meditation options can be found on YouTube
Luxembourg’s own Yoga La Source hosts Yoga Nidra classes, which focus on deep meditation. Check out their new Coronavirus Policy

Pick Ten: Throw a virtual party!

Being stuck at home makes you want to go out and party with your friends much more, and your kids are probably feeling the same way about their friends. There is no reason to avoid celebration with your friends because it can be done virtually! Get some of your closest friends together on a Zoom session or a group Facetime and have a dinner or dance party. You can all cook the same meal and dance to the same playlist. After a fun evening with friends, you won’t even remember that you are stuck at home.
Local restaurants remain open for takeout, so order in your favorite Luxembourg dining.

Pick Eleven: Netflix Party!

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows with your friends using Netflix Party! The Netflix Party extension can be downloaded on chrome and it allows you to send a link to as many friends as you want. Then, everyone can comment in the chat bar throughout the party.
To join the party click here.

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