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Some of our favourite Lux Podcasts

by City Savvy Luxembourg

We love listening to podcasts. They are portable, convenient, and easy to consume. Did you know that podcasts help us to become better listeners? It seems the current situation is very conducive to producing new Luxembourgish podcasts – quite a few of them have appeared online in recent months. In case you are on the lookout for the next local Tim Ferriss or Joe Rogan, here’s a list of promising sounds from Luxembourg:

Pick One: WMN Talk (coming soon)

Ok we are a bit biased! This podcast is powered by LUX WMN magazine-our sister publication- and Luxembourg’s newest women’s magazine. This podcast will launch in the coming weeks and will be dedicated to all the badass WMN out there. Lifting women up through the stories of others. Season one features interviews with top female entrepreneurs in Luxembourg and delves into the latest news affecting women. This podcast is a continuation of LUX WMN’s effort to build a community to empower and inspire women in Luxembourg and beyond!

Pick Two: LuxUnplugged

This is a Luxembourg Business Podcast. The LuxUnplugged team consists of two Luxembourgers living in London – Thierry is experienced in export, sales, and marketing, and Adrien comes from a finance background. They share their knowledge and perspective on Luxembourg’s global influence together with key business figures in Luxembourg who are specialists in different fields.

Pick Three: Luxventures

Luxventures introduces an inspirational podcast about life in Luxembourg through the eyes of people who came here and stayed. New beginnings are sometimes difficult, especially in a new country. Expats have to first overcome so many difficulties to finally feel at home. But thankfully, we can learn from each other’s tips and tricks. Listening to different stories and experiences can bring upon us the warm and comfy feeling that we are not alone. Expect some light entertainment as well.

Pick Four: SciLux

Hanna Siemaszko shares her passion for science in SciLux, a podcast with interesting topics about scientific development and technological changes in Luxembourg. If you’re not a science graduate, but have always been interested in science and technology, this one’s for you. A pub quiz question is part of every episode where you can gain some extra knowledge. Hanna never forgets to list all the sources, so you can dig deeper into the topics and do your own research.

Pick Five: Shaping Finance

A podcast presenting views of decision-makers in the global financial services industry. Hosted by Nicolas Mackel, the CEO of Luxembourg for Finance, the Agency for the Development of the Financial Centre.

Pick Six: OWN IT – The confidence podcast

Amazing mentor, coach and former kickboxing champion Annica Torneryd shares her tips and experience on how to create your dream life. Annica’s podcast will touch your heart and inspire you to action. In each episode, she delivers lessons about mindset, empowerment, and owning your life. She uses concrete examples and real-life stories to give you the power you need to believe in yourself.

And of course there’s much more to discover if you know Luxembourgish – 100,7 radio turns their programmes into podcasts, there are also quite a few student podcasts available e.g. LemONAIR as well as the new House of Startups podcast series.

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