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Coming from the US, I was shocked to find that not every single thing is open in Luxembourg on Sundays. However, after some research and exploring I found that there is actually a lot to do! Here are some of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday in Luxembourg.

Pick 1- Museums

While not every museum is open on Sundays, there are quiet a few great options. The Museum of Natural History and Art, the Musée Draï Eechelen and Luxembourg City History Museum are all open from 10am-6pm every Sunday. These are just a few of the selection that are open, but they are great options!

Pick 2- Brunch (to go for the moment)

Sunday brunch is always a good activity. We know with the new restrictions it’s more difficult at the moment, but there are still options. Check out our food truck article for Sunday options. La Table Du Pain changes their menu each week and has amazing brunch formulas to go! We have another article, written pre-Covid, it is not all brunch options, but includes some other great restaurants open on Sundays.

Pick 3- Movies and Shopping

As we mentioned in our Valentine’s Day article, movie theaters are open! This is a great way to unwind on a Sundays. A friend and I walked into the theater and saw whatever movies was next, it was so fun! Search “VO”/”Version Original” for movies in english. Many shopping centers are also open on Sundays, check them out!

Pick 4- Weekend Getaway/Staycation

While Corona still limits us, some hotels and Airbnb’s are open, with restrictions of course. This can be a great time to explore a new part of Luxembourg that you’ve never been to. I have loved Clearvaux, Diekirch, and Esch-sur-Alzette. This blog includes many day trips in Luxembourg and a few outside in Germany and France. Check out Covid guidelines before your travel! France requires a test for entry, however, day trips to some parts of Germany for 24 hours are allowed. You can also just stay in Lux and support local hotels/restaurants in this difficult moment. Hostellerie Du Grünewald is a great option that has an awesome Stay and Eat special for 95 EUR a person…there are also many other awesome local options!

Pick 5- Explore your City!

Luxembourg has so much to offer outside to explore for free and always open! Check out all of our previous articles that include great hikes. Many castles are also open on Sundays and are a great activity for the whole family. This is also a great time to be a tourist in your own city! Download this self walking tour to explore parts of the city you might not have seen before. The Panoramic Elevator of the Pfaffenthal is also a fun FREE activity with amazing views, check it out! Try an outdoor city quest if Sunday relaxing is not your thing to get your brain running!

Pick 6- Organized Walk

Most Sundays from 9am to 5pm you can attend a walk organized by IVV. These walks, costing only 1.50 Euros, are on marked trails and tracks. They change and have different offerings each week! Of course Covid guidelines are followed. This is a great way to meet new people and find a new area in Luxembourg. Thanks to a reader for this awesome recommendation!

Let us know of your favorite Sunday activities and we will add them to the list!

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