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The Aralunaires Music Festival in Arlon

by Jay Familetti

A music-lover’s paradise has been created in the University of Liège park in Arlon. After an unfortunate cancellation in 2020 and subsequent postponement in 2021, The Aralunaires are back with a festival that’s the perfect way to get back into live music. And don’t worry – the festival is five days long, so if you missed today you have until the 12th to get your fill.

Founded in 2009, The Aralunaires showcase a diverse range of independent and emerging artists and labels in different sites throughout Arlon. This year the festival is taking place outdoors (but is covered in case of rain) for the first time in its history. It boasts an extremely diverse program, ranging from avante-garde jazz and garage rock to oriental electro and cumbia.

All 5-day passes purchased for the 2020 festival are valid this year, and a limited amount of new passes are being sold for €55 – for all five days! There are also some tickets that can be purchased for individual concerts within the program. If you still have a ticket purchased for an individual concert from last year, that can be exchanged for one valid for this year.

If you’re traveling from another country, click here for the most up to date COVID information for Belgium.

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