Downtown Coffee

A calming atmosphere perfect for those looking for that easy morning coffee
03 June 2022

Downtown Coffee is a well established coffee shop located in downtown Luxembourg, they specialize in brunch style meals.  Last Wednesday, we decided to give it a try. 

When we arrived at noon sharp, there were a diverse range of customers who were also getting their lunch which immediately showed us the hospitality and friendliness of the establishment.   We were able to be seated relatively quickly, and had the luxury of sitting outside, allowing us to enjoy the sunlight and ambiance of the city.  The outside seating was fairly spacious, and the inside seating has plenty of space as well.  Downtown Coffee definitely aims for a  comfortable dining experience which they nailed. It’s not cramped and they even have some cozy couches if you so desire.

A staff member was able to help us the second we walked in the door, telling us to grab a seat wherever we felt like, and he took our order shortly afterwards.  He even gave us a recommendation on what to get which we gladly took. There was a diverse range of customers who were also getting their lunch.  

While limited, their menu is certainly solid.  We enjoyed that they don’t try to deviate from what they are good at, which is fantastic coffee, juices, salads, bowls, sandwiches, and really delicious looking burgers if you are not in the mood for brunch!  The price range was great, the meals were extremely affordable.  We started with a coffee, followed by the Classic Benedict Brunch and a Bofferding.  Needless to say, the recommendation was an excellent one, the runny egg yolks complete with bacon, hollandaise sauce, goji berries and spinach over toast made for an excellent brunch.  

Overall, we enjoyed the experience, the calming atmosphere is perfect for people looking to start out with an easy morning coffee, we felt great and energized moving through the rest of our day.  A great spot that we will definitely be returning to in the near future, especially for breakfast!  They’re open daily from 9am-10pm.  

If you want to see more of our experience, please check out our video on our @City_Savvy_Lux instagram page.