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St George’s Media Students Win Global Achievement Award for their Efforts During Lockdown

by Lucy Greaney

School may be happening remotely for many, but the grind hasn’t stopped for these students at St. George’s International School.

A unique response to the global pandemic

The year has already taken a turn of success for the Media Studies students at St. George’s International School. They had an A-Level student receive the highest mark in the world for the subject of Media Studies, and now a global award will be given to a “pop-up” radio show created in response to the global pandemic.

When Media Teacher Mr. Burrowes presented a challenge of creating a series of shows tackling stress and isolation, GCSE media students Julie, Georgia and Alex delivered a new radio show called “Pass the Mic”. 

“Pass the Mic”

“Pass The Mic” is an ambitious series of ten hour-long broadcasts on Radio Ara through the Graffiti strand. Julie, Georgia and Alex have recorded their presenter links at home, sharing clips with each other and editing on iMac computers specially arranged to be loaned out by the School. 

While students across Luxembourg switched off for the Easter break, the presenter team have been receiving online lessons in editing techniques and working on making each episode a lively affair with music for all the family, jumping from Billie Eilish to Bon Jovi to Bob Marley!

The show is based around sharing messages from students, staff, parents, friends and family in Luxembourg and beyond … not to forget the unique contribution of Luna, a pet dog! A student vs. teacher comedy battle and readings from children’s books are amongst other recurring features added to the highly varied mix of music and chat.

The nomination

The COBIS School’s network asked for nominations from its 500+ member schools for global special achievement awards. Mr. Burrowes sent in the nomination two weeks after the deadline passed, explaining the unique circumstances – and was delighted to be told mere hours later that the idea was so obviously extraordinary, no deliberation was needed in recognizing the ambition and achievement of these students. 

Alex, one of the presenters, said “This has been one of the toughest challenges I’ve ever faced, but it feels great hearing the finished show on the radio and knowing we’ve tried to do something to bring people together and put a smile on a few faces!” 

Catch them on the air!

With shows one through four now broadcasted, you can still catch episodes five through ten from 4-5pm on Radio Ara, with broadcast dates including April 21st, 22nd, 29th, 30th and May 1st, with a slot to be confirmed for the final show.

More about St. George’s International School

St George’s International School is an inclusive, vibrant international community of over 820 students aged from 3 years to 18+ years, representing over 60 different nationalities. This rich diversity provides a unique and exciting learning environment for every child. To prepare its students to be outstanding 21st century global citizens, St George’s International School nurtures strong values in its students, based on mutual understanding and respect. 

Click here to visit their website!

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