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What’s On for Families – At Home Edition

by Kendall Swanson

As this quarantine goes on, the boredom can seem to increase everyday. Try these activities with your kids and family to learn, grow and be creative!

Reading and Learning

Storytime Anytime

Bringing stories to life is a great way to enhance at-home learning in a fun way. This Youtube channel has a variety of audio stories for your child! Read along with them or let them read on their own! Check out their channel here.


This service is providing free children’s books and stories since schools are closed. They are offered in multiple languages and you can access them from a variety of electronic devices. Read more about getting access to Audible here.

LearnEnglish Kids

This website offers free educational learning and games for kids! There are sure to be many fun options such as coloring, puzzles, word games and more! 
Find their website here.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free educational lessons and with school being closed, daily lesson schedules ranging from ages 2 to 18.
Find their website here.


The Little Gym@Home

This Youtube channel offers a virtual exercise class for kids every Monday at 3pm. Get your kids moving around and maybe even join them!
Find the channel here.

P.E with Joe

This Youtube channel offers a variety of exercise classes for kids!
Find the channel here.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga is more than an adult relaxation technique. This YouTube channel offers yoga for kids ages 3 and up.
Find the channel here.

Creativity and Art


The MUDAM museum in Luxembourg is offering a weekly newsletter for a dose of art each week!
Subscribe here.

Make your own origami

Crafting is a great way to entertain all children. Try making different objects using paper origami! 
Find instructions and ideas here.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

A history lesson doesn’t have to come from a lecture or a textbook! Go on virtual tours of the current exhibits in the Smithsonian.
Find their website here.

San Diego Zoo

Do your kids love animals? Virtually visit different exhibits in the San Diego zoo through live cams!
Find their website here.

Make your own “sunken treasure” bottle

A hint of imagination can go a long way when stuck at home. Use different materials such as sand, water and “gems”  to create your own  pirate’s treasure bottles.
Instructions can be found here.

Fun Extras

Camp in the Living Room

Were your summer travel plans brought to a halt? Grab a tent and some sleeping bags to sleep out in your living room as a family! Roast a marshmallow or two and bring the outdoors to life in your own home.

Treasure Hunt (Indoor or Outdoor)

Have a backyard treasure hunt using items in your yard! Use the riddles given or make up your own! Your kids will use their brains and get outside at a safe distance! 
Instructions can be found here.

Pro tip: If you want to make the treasure hunt indoors, use items or landmarks in your house such as pieces of furniture or certain household items.

Make your own invisible ink

Channel your inner spy by going on a super secret mission. Write secret messages to your family using this recipe to create invisible ink!
Instructions here.

Create your own stop motion film

Looking for a fun way to capture some memories? Learn how to make your own stop motion movie or short clip and show it to your friends and family!
Learn how here.

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