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Why you need your ACL membership card NOW!

by Cedric Haas
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Whether you are new to Luxembourg or have arrived a few years ago, staying mobile is the key to making the most of your time – be it for work or leisure. The ACL/Automobile Club Luxembourg is one of the most diverse organisations in mobility matters, with more than 180,000 members. They ensure mobility, anytime, anywhere with an emergency assistance – 24/7, every day of the year.

What do newcomers to Luxembourg usually need to stay mobile?

Whether arriving with a vehicle, that needs to be registered, or looking for a new or used car, the “ACL Welcome Helpdesk”, a service dedicated to newcomers to this country, can help with any questions about formal and technical requirements. Furthermore, cars and vans, e.g. for moving, can be rented at preferential rates. Before buying/ selling a used car, a technical check by the ACL’s experts can avoid nasty surprises.

Furthermore, legal information on all things mobility in Luxembourg and Europe, issuance of international driving licenses, rescue sheets, and traffic information to avoid congestion are available from the ACL experts – on their website acl.lu, in any of their three offices, and very conveniently via their free mobile app.

On the leisure side, the ACL tourism and travel experts offer trip planning advice and touristic information (e.g. free maps for members), road toll and environmental stickers and badges for many European countries, unique day trips to re-discover Luxembourg and its surroundings, exclusive holidays to destinations all over the world and much more.

What about other needs, like housing, schools, childcare, etc.?

In order to offer the best possible assistance to « new arrivals », the ACL Welcome Helpdesk provides many additional services besides the traditional 24/7 roadside assistance.

Relocation Services:

Different relocation agencies and the ACL have teamed up to offer tailor made solutions for expatriates at special member rates regarding house hunting, setting up of utilities, choosing the right schools, childcare, and any other individual needs.

How can the ACL help sort out everyday issues?

When one is new to a country and doesn’t know where to get help, everyday issues can become cumbersome problems, e.g. household breakdowns, pet emergencies, etc. That’s why the ACL extends its 24/7 service with special hotlines for home assistance, guaranteeing quick help in case of breakdowns (locksmith service, plumbing, heating system and electrical installation…) even on holidays by quality-checked craftspeople. Just like the road assistance service, the hotline is available in eight languages.

Emergency services, advice for travelling, and other useful information regarding pets can also be found conveniently via the ACL, online or via phone. Discounts and partner offers for members, e.g. for pet hotels, walking services, etc. can be found on acl.lu, too.

How can families profit from the ACL?

Families save on their membership fees, and for youngsters between the ages of 16 and 25, “YoungACL” offers special events, sweepstakes, etc. Up to the age of 18, there is a free membership offer available, and first-year drivers can join the ACL for free with the “Starter Kit”. This way, youngsters can always rely on the ACL’s help, no matter which means of transport they are using.

Worldwide travel health insurance at special member conditions for the whole family or individuals, as well as luggage and trip cancellation insurances are available, too.

Many partners offer discounts which save money and time, e.g. tickets for entertainment parks, zoos, reduced rates for hotels, holiday rental cars, airport parking, etc. Last but not least, the ACL Shop in Bertrange grants member discounts on useful security and travel accessories, books, and gift ideas.

As a non-profit club, the ACL helps connect members who share interests, be it classis cars, motor sports, travelling, camping, etc. Many interesting and fun events and courses throughout the year help newcomers find like-minded people and build their networks.

Last, but not least, the “bazaar” for used child car seats is held twice a year, providing not just pre-checked seats to be sold from members to members, but also helpful advice on safety regulations in Luxembourg and Europe.

What does the ACL membership offer more than e.g. the roadside assistance of a leasing car?

The membership is bound to each member person, not to a specific vehicle: No matter which vehicle or other means of transport the member is using, e.g. the car of a spouse or friend, help is available around the clock – and that in eight languages. This means care-free mobility in Luxembourg and Europe, with or without a car, as well as a wide range of exclusive services and partner offers that save time and money, well beyond the usage of one particular vehicle.

Competent experts offer impartial advice and assistance to the advantage of the members of this non-profit club. Thanks to its more than 180,000 members, the ACL is a strong community representing its members’ interests.


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For further information, or terms and conditions, please call +352 450045-1 or visit www. acl.lu 

This article was written by Cédric Haas and originally published as an advertorial in CSL’s Guide to Public and Private Education.

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Cédric Haas 13th November 2018 - 10:57 am

By the way:
Any new membership until the end of 2018 is an UNBELIEVABLE DEAL , because when you take out membership for 2019, you get the rest of 2018 FOR FREE !
Become a member and receive our fantastic range of benefits and services !


Amanda Roberts 16th November 2018 - 10:27 am

That is awesome! Thanks Cedric!!


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