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6 Ways to Save Money for the Holiday Season

by Sarah Clinger

As Christmas is just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about gifts. We all love giving gifts to our family and friends, but after a few purchases, Christmas can get quite expensive. Sarah is here to give helpful tips and tricks on how to save money, so you can buy the perfect gifts this holiday season!

Save your change!

A lot of people disregard their change. I’ve have seen a lot of individuals throw change in the bottom of a purse, or leave it on the kitchen counter. I recommend getting a jar to keep your change in. When December rolls around, you can take it to your local bank and deposit the funds in your account. I have done this since I was a kid, and I usually amass around 200-300 euros over the course of just a few months! Just think how many gifts you can buy just with spare change. 

Online Discount Codes

You can download one of the hundreds of coupon apps and save so much money this season. A lot of individuals find coupons annoying, but you can literally save hundreds of dollars just by using a code. My favorite coupon app to use here in Luxembourg is Honey. This money saver app is used when online shopping, and it automatically applies coupons at checkout when you download the app to your computer.

Write Down Expenditures

Millions of people everyday buy useless things that they do not need. By writing down everything you spend money on, it can help cut out those unnecessary expenditures. I recommend getting a small notebook, one that can fit in a purse or a pocket, so you always have it with you. If you want to get detailed, you can even write down the price of each item you buy and calculate how much money you could have saved. Most people will be shocked at all the things they write down, and having this list is a reminder not to buy those extra pair of shoes!

Stop Ordering Out/Paying for Delivery. 

COVID-19 gave delivery services a huge boost. Millions of individuals order food online and have it delivered to their doorstep every day. You can save hundreds of dollars a month by going to the restaurant to pick up your food, and you can save even more money by cooking your own meals! I recommend cooking your own meals, it can be a fun experience to cook, and very rewarding when you finally get to dig deep into that bowl of pasta!

 If you are not the most experienced chef, there are hundreds of websites that give detailed recipes and walk you through step by step, I recommend Tasty. This website has a wide range of recipes, and they even have a page for easy recipes for those of you who burn the bread on a daily basis. 

Unsubscribe from Email Lists

Most of us have subscribed to an email list at least once or twice… a week. Having a mailbox full of temptations is not going to save you money. I recommend unsubscribing from the companies who tempt you to spend money. Unsubscribing is actually easier than it sounds, just go to the bottom of an email (without buying anything) and find the link that says ‘unsubscribe’. In the past week I have unsubscribed from over 50 mailing lists, as a result my credit card is getting cobwebs and my mailbox is refreshingly empty!

Reduce Energy Costs

With the cold weather creeping up on us, your heating bill is going to go up. Although heating is a must, there are a lot of other ways to reduce your energy usage and save money. I recommend getting LED lightbulbs, taking shorter showers, washing your clothes in cold water, and utilizing energy-efficient appliances. By reducing your energy usage through these tips, you are not only saving money for Christmas gifts, you are also being environmentally friendly, which in this day and age is all we can ask for!

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